Metron Recommends – March 2019

Welcome to Metron Recommends for March 2019! Metron Recommends is a new series we’ve created to share product recommendations that we think will be a big hit with your customers and employees! This month’s collection features kits/bundles, polos, and backpacks. 


Kits and bundles are a great way to cover for situations where you have no idea what to get someone. Just got a new hire? Get them a new hire kit! Got an event coming soon? Build a kit to give away for it! Want to give an award to your over-performing sales team? Get them a kit of cool items! Your employee is sick and won’t stop coughing? Get them a medicine kit! The list goes on and on! (Seriously, don’t get a kit for everything though, that’s just weird.)

Metron Recommends - March 2019 1


Look how happy that guy looks in his polo! Imagine how happy you could be in your very own branded polo! Look, there are about a million polos out there with different fabrics, weights, brands, etc.  I can guarantee you though, that we can find you one that you’l fall in love with (do people fall in love with polos?).  With spring coming soon, now’s a perfect time to stock up on polos, shirts, and all that other apparel that says warm weather is on the way.

Metron Recommends - March 2019 2


Backpacks are where some of the more unique products of the promo industry come out and shine. They do a great job at not only showcasing your brand but offering a multitude of pockets, holders, and gimmicks that’ll help you carry anything. They look cool and we always get rave reviews on them from our customers.

Metron Recommends - March 2019 3

That’s the end of this month’s Metron Recommends, stay on the lookout for the next post! As per usual, let us know if you have any suggestions, ideas, angry rebuttals and all that other fun stuff on our contact page. Thanks for reading!