Choosing the Right Company Store for your Needs

Going out there and choosing from the handful of company store suppliers can be tough. Then, you have to start going through and selecting what features, products, and all that other chaos that comes into play with a company store. What if you just need a quick store spun up to get your employees ordering swag? Or you might need a custom built solution complete with approval rules, web to print products, SSO, and reporting. Well, we wrote this article to help you with that decision.

Basic Store

A basic company store is perfect for someone who just wants to have a store to offer their employees. It will get you a store with our standard catalog of products, chat & phone support, a dedicated account rep and more. This is ideal for companies that want a hands-off solution for branded merch.

Pro Store

A pro store boosts the functionality of a basic store, giving you the ability to have budgets, product bundles, and inventory. You’ll also have more room to add products and be able to handle invoices on the store. This works great for companies that not only want a hands-off solution for branded merch but also need specific products and functionalities to really boost their brand and put their store out there.

Enterprise Store

An enterprise store is built from the ground up to suit your needs. We’re talking features like reporting, SSO, digital products, an admin dashboard, and plenty more. This type of store works as our all-in-one solution for companies that are serious about streamlining their branded merch experience both internally and externally. Our Mango Languages store is a perfect example of what you can expect from an enterprise store.


All of our stores qualify for add-ons, such as custom domain and custom integrations.

Get Started

Interested in getting a company store started? Looking for more information like pricing? Reach out to us for a free consultation or learn more about company stores via our online company store guide