Employee Appreciation Gift Boxes to Say Thank You

Employee appreciation gift boxes are carefully curated and beautifully packaged collections of useful and fun gifts for employees. They’re often given to employees as a tangible gesture of gratitude and to recognize exemplary contributions made to a company or organization. Gift boxes for employee appreciation are easy to mail, making them an ideal annual company gift for corporations with remote employees and distributed teams.

Employee appreciation gift boxes (aka thank you gift boxes for employees) make a memorable and impressive gift for staff on Employee Appreciation Day.

Personalized employee appreciation gift boxes can also be given out any time of year to acknowledge and reward staff for exceptional work or to celebrate employee or company milestones.

What to Include in an Employee Appreciation Gift Box

An employee appreciation gift box usually contains useful and practical items like personalized apparel and accessories; desk accessories and toys; drinkware and reusable lunch containers; consumer tech products; snacks and sweet treats; and wellness and self-care items. An employee appreciation gift box may also contain personalized thank you notes, award pins, certificates of achievement, gift cards, and unique thank you gifts like the Modern Sprout Thank You Daisies Grow Kit.

The best employee appreciation gift boxes are customized to suit the preferences and interests of the recipients, making them a personalized (and thoughtful) gesture of gratitude and thanks.

An employee appreciation gift box doesn’t have to be elaborate and expensive to be effective. Small employee appreciation gift boxes (containing inexpensive items like packaged treats, aromatherapy candles, and custom branded socks) can go a long way towards expressing gratitude and boosting employee morale.

3 of the Best Employee Appreciation Gift Box Ideas

A few of our favorite customizable gift boxes for employee appreciation:

Munch Appreciated

Employee Appreciation Gift Boxes - Munch Appreciated

The Munch Appreciated Gift Box is perfect for all those employees who deserve some serious thanks! Showcase your gratitude and make your recipients feel appreciated with delicious gourmet snacks and useful swag. This colorful and thoughtful employee thank you gift box includes artisan snacks like seasoned vegan butter pretzel braids from Stellar Snacks and crunchy, salty, and chocolately Legally Addictive Surprise Party. Fun personalized gifts (a large stainless steel tumbler with bamboo lid and a Show Time Selfie Cell Phone Light) are also included. Everything comes packaged with a handwritten, personalized card for your recipient(s) at no additional charge.

Corkcicle You’re Terrific Gourmet Gift Box

Employee Appreciation Gift Boxes - Corkcicle

The Corkcicle You’re Terrific Gourmet Gift Box is a simple but sweet employee appreciation gift box includes Ella’s Sea Salt Toffee Gourmet Popcorn and a customizable Corkcicle tumbler in white, matte black, powder blue, glossy navy, or walnut brown.

Act Natural Employee Appreciation Kit

Employee Appreciation Gift Boxes - Act Natural

One of the best eco-conscious gift boxes for employee appreciation! The Act Natural Employee Appreciation Kit features upcycled, planet-friendly food (like Uglies chips crafted from upcycled potatoes) and reusable office essentials made from sustainable materials (glass water bottle with bamboo lid, stainless steel drinking straw, and a cork and linen journal book).

For additional employee appreciation gift box ideas, check out these guides:

Build Your Own Custom Employee Appreciation Gift Boxes

When it comes to showing gratitude and saying thanks, curating your own collection of gifts and goodies is often best. A custom employee gift box is one of the most thoughtful ways to demonstrate gratitude and appreciation and deliver meaningful, tangible recognition and rewards.

It’s easy to build your own custom employee appreciation gift boxes and thank you gift boxes for employees. Browse our collection of Customizable Food Gift Sets & Boxes for inspiration. Then Contact Metron and we’ll help you put together the perfect collection of salty-sweet treats and/or branded employee gifts for your hardworking and dedicated staff! Get started today: