Construction Company Shirt Ideas – Custom Safety Shirts, Logo T-Shirts & More

Construction company shirt ideas for attractive and functional construction apparel are crucial for both business promotion and job site safety. Construction companies require a variety of quality shirts including hi-vis safety shirts for workers and logo t-shirts and polos for brand promotion. Large construction firms may also purchase custom shirts for trade shows, team-building retreats, corporate charity events, and company milestone celebrations.

Customizing your work shirts and other company shirts with a brand logo and/or other messaging keeps your team looking professional and helps advertise your brand.

To inspire your own custom shirt designs, we put together a guide to construction company shirt ideas that work:

Construction Safety Shirts

Like safety vests, construction safety shirts are designed with bright fluorescent colors and reflective materials to enhance visibility. Construction safety shirts allow for greater freedom of movement than vests and are generally more comfortable to wear as well. Construction safety shirts are often made from highly breathable moisture-wicking fabric in safety green, safety yellow, or safety orange (the color most often associated with road work and construction).

Popular safety shirt designs include snag resistant high-visibility short-sleeve t-shirts, long sleeve safety shirts with reflective trim, and short sleeve birdseye mesh polo shirts. Fun construction safety shirt designs include Hawaiian style safety shirts (for construction companies that celebrate Hawaiian shirt Fridays) and safety shirts with reflective chainsaw patterned striping.

Safety shirts worn by construction workers should meet the ANSI/ISEA 107 Standard for High-Visibility Safety Apparel. Both ANSI Class 2 shirts and ANSI Class 3 shirts are available for construction workers. Type R Class 3 safety shirts are specifically designed for use on roadways where traffic exceeds 50 mph.

To protect against flash fire and arc flash hazards, some work environments may require hi-vis shirts with built-in FR and arc flash protection.

A company logo can be added to the front and/or back of a safety shirt to promote team identity and professionalism. Logo safety shirts and vests also make it easier to identify workers on a multi-contractor worksite.

Some construction companies also add a safety slogan to their custom safety shirts. Shirts made specifically for safety team members often display popular safety slogans used by the construction industry to promote safety awareness such as Safe Jobs Are No Accident and Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility.

Construction Company T-Shirts

Short-sleeve and long-sleeve logo t-shirts are highly popular and cost-effective trade show giveaways for companies in the construction industry. They can also be handed out at community events to raise brand awareness.

Construction company t-shirts may also be worn by employees who need to look professional yet casual when volunteering or attending a community event.

Construction company t-shirts usually feature a simple wordmark logo on the front and/or back of the shirt. Promotional t-shirts are typically printed in brand colors but may also feature safety colors like fluorescent orange or green.

Other branding elements and messaging (such as a slogan or tagline) may also be added to a custom logo t-shirt. Custom construction company t-shirts may be printed specifically to celebrate a company milestone or other occasion.

Other Construction Company Shirt Ideas

Like construction company t-shirts, logo polo shirts may be worn by employees of construction companies who need a professional, uniform look to wear while representing their employer at charitable and team-building events.

Logo polo shirts are also frequently worn by staff attending industry trade shows or expos on behalf of their employer. That’s because they are comfortable, customizable business casual essentials that are easier to care for than dress shirts.

Polo shirts or button-down dress shirts embroidered with a company logo are often worn by construction managers and corporate construction staff as well.

To stay safe while looking professional, construction foremen or safety managers may require custom FR dress shirts or high visibility button down shirts.

Build Your Own Custom Company Shirts

Custom construction company shirts help promote safety and professionalism on the job. They’re also a highly effective advertising tool for contractors and construction companies (that won’t demolish your budget)! Branded apparel and accessories also make great welcome gifts for new employees.

When it comes to selecting custom safety shirts and other branded apparel for your business, working with a dedicated Metron account representative is the easiest way to ensure your company shirts meet safety standards and adhere to brand guidelines.

To learn more about the process of ordering logo shirts and other branded merchandise for your business, check out this step-by-step guide.

Questions? Ready to build your first order? Or, if you need additional construction company shirt ideas, Contact a Metron Safety Specialist or fill out the form below.

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