Do Tradeshow Giveaways Work?

Well thought-out tradeshow giveaways do work. Irrelevant, unimaginative freebies do not. And beware of catering to giveaway grabbers who will dart into your booth, grab a freebie and dart back to the aisle without so much as making eye contact with your staff. Give out freebies to booth visitors individually rather than creating a free-for-all. Or make a game out of the giveaway transaction by having visitors answer a basic question like, “What is the major benefit of our product?” Takers will at least walk away with a message about your product in addition to the clever memento.

Effective giveaways provoke questions and give visitors a reason to pause long enough to learn something about your company. It’s also a good idea to develop a theme for your booth and integrate the giveaway into the theme. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to devise a great giveaway. Taking the time to think of a creative idea for a tradeshow giveaway and tailor your message and booth to that product and the image you’re trying to convey will definitely put you in the upper echelon of trade show booths. Going that extra mile for potential customers will make you memorable and shows that you not only care about the customer’s experience, but also that you put attention and detail into everything you do, even a tradeshow giveaway.