7 Tips for Creating a Powerful Brand

Tip #1: Vision

Proverbs says, “When there is no vision, the people perish.” So will your business. A vision is a compelling aspiration of your perfect business. It’s what you’re striving toward. It’s rooted in your core values and it’s a great foundation for delivering value to your clients. Keep it short, aspirational, and inspirational.

Tip #2: Core Values

Great brands stand for something. They have an enduring core that transcends bull and bear markets. Your business’s core values are like the lighthouse in the storm that guides you to the shore. They’re your rock, they give you stability, and they help you make the right decisions in difficult circumstances.

Tip #3: Value

Delivering value is multidimensional. It encompasses a variety of areas such as service, results relative to expectations, trustworthiness, and caring. It involves figuring out how to make your clients’ life easier and less stressful. “Valuable” companies know their clients so well they contact them before the client even knows they have the need.

Key Thought

Delivering value is NOT about low price. You could be the highest priced organization in your market yet still deliver the greatest value. How? The service and results you deliver are greater than the fee you charge. By contrast, a low priced company who delivers service and results that are below expectation for that price level actually delivers less value than the high priced company above.

Tip #4: Intimacy

Great companies do more than just deliver great products and services. They build a company and a culture that treats clients as if they’re members of a family. Special, genuine gestures will cement your client relationships and remind your clients that you don’t view them as simply the source of your income but rather as people whom you can serve and delight.

Tip #5: Personality

Take a cue from Hollywood. The biggest stars have a personality that attracts attention. Take your positive personality attributes and infuse them into your practice, public speaking, writing, digital presence, and imagery. You could be technically proficient but if your brand is boring, you’ll get left in the dust.

Tip # 6: Experience

Great brands make you feel pampered and special. Twenty years ago, coffee was a cheap, bland product that people didn’t think twice about. Today, thanks to Starbucks, drinking coffee is a communal, sense-pleasing experience that enriches people’s lives. People will gladly pay a significant premium for an experience. Do the same—create simple yet unforgettable experiences for you clients that they’ll remember and share with their friends and family.

Key Thought

Make sure your brand has an emotional appeal. People only do something after they “feel” something so imbue your client experiences with an emotional impact. Keep it genuine, though, because you certainly don’t want to use “emotion” as a marketing gimmick.

Tip #7: Respect

Great brands command respect in the marketplace. They’ve built this respect by having a history of meeting or exceeding expectations, by staying true to core values, and by doing things the right way. By always taking the high road and doing what’s in the best interest of your clients, you’ll lay the foundation for being a respected organization and add to the value of your brand.