Promotional Hoodies: Company Hoodie Ideas to Promote Your Business

It’s no surprise that, year after year, our customers love to order custom hoodies for business and non-profit promotion. In fact, customizable hoodies are one of the most popular types of promotional items in our catalog of personalized corporate clothing and gifts. That’s because promotional hoodies are an incredibly effective and versatile tool for brand promotion and engagement.

For business and brand promotion, company hoodie ideas that are highly effective include simple cotton hoodies adorned with a company logo or logomark and custom high-quality hoodies featuring unique employee artwork or designs.

In the fall and winter months especially, the gift of a promotional hoodie can make customers and sales prospects feel warm and fuzzy about your brand. That’s because company hoodies are a premium gift that will help consumers associate your brand with warmth, comfort, and protection. According to Ian Lecklitner of MEL Magazine, “…hoodies provide more than just physical comfort; they administer emotional comfort, too, similar to that of a weighted blanket. Research shows that weighted blankets — and also hoodies, going by this logic — encourage the release of serotonin and dopamine, neurotransmitters that make us feel more relaxed, a highly coveted feeling in today’s increasingly panicked world.”

Because hoodies are especially popular with younger consumers, social media contests that give away high-quality promotional hoodies as prizes can influence Gen Z consumers to engage with your brand. Giving away swag packs full of merch (including branded hoodies) is an especially effective way to generate publicity for a product launch.

Limited time “swag drops” are another clever way to reach younger demographics who eschew traditional forms of advertising. Selling attractive, comfortable, limited run promotional hoodies in your own online company store will help your company improve brand loyalty and gain valuable publicity on social media.

Corporations, small businesses, and charitable organizations alike use custom business hoodies to promote their products, services, and brands. Promotional hoodies are also ideal for promoting your employer brand and increasing employee engagement. Custom company hoodies make high-end employee gifts that help promote a sense of team unity and pride.

Some of our favorite company hoodie ideas and examples to inspire your own custom hoodie designs include:

Custom Eco-Friendly Promotional Hoodies (That Are Ethically Made)

If the target audience for your promotional campaign skews younger, consider giving away branded hoodies that are ethically made from materials that are better for the environment, such as organic cotton and recycled fabric.

Younger consumers, such as Gen Z, prefer to do business with purpose-driven brands that support green policies and practice corporate social responsibility. Well-known apparel brands that manufacture ethically made, sustainable hoodies that can be customized with a company logo or messaging include tentree and Allmade.

Promotional Hoodies - Company Hoodie Ideas - Eco Friendly

Custom Tie Dye Promotional Hoodies

Custom tie dye hoodies are a great promotional item for businesses who want to reach their target audience through a nostalgia marketing campaign. After all, retro-inspired apparel and outerwear is increasingly popular with U.S. consumers. And colorful tie dye hoodies adorned with your company logo or messaging are visually striking and full of retro appeal.

Perhaps that’s why Barbie movie fans were so enamored of Mattel’s tie dyed “I am Kenough” hoodies, which became highly coveted official movie merch this past summer.

Custom Space Dye Promotional Hoodies

Space-dyed knit hoodies are a contemporary alternative to tie-dye. Space dyeing is a unique dyeing process used to create a multi-colored effect on yarns. Like tie dye, space dye hoodies are visually interesting and on-trend. Personalize a space dye hoodie with an embroidered logo or design (other decoration methods are available as well).

Promotional Hoodies - Company Hoodie Ideas - Space Dye

Custom All Over Print Promotional Hoodies

All over print hoodies feature a design that extends across the entire surface of the garment, including the sleeves and hood. Some all over print hoodie designs feature a repeating logo or graphic. Creative instances of brands using all over printing include McDonald’s AM Wrapper Hoodie, made to look like their Egg McMuffin sandwich wrapper, and Taco Bell’s waffle taco hoodie.

Custom all over print hoodies provide a fresh, visually compelling streetwear-inspired look that’s perfect for showcasing a logo or other custom graphics.

Custom Blanket Promotional Hoodies

Custom blanket hoodies are a cozy corporate giveaway idea for winter promotional campaigns. A blanket hoodie combines the features of a traditional hoodie with the warmth and comfort of a blanket. Blanket hoodies are made from soft, plush material like sherpa fleece and are designed to be oversized. National restaurant chains like Jack in the Box and Dunkin’ often sell branded blanket hoodies and other wearable blankets in their company swag stores during the fall and winter months.

Promotional Hoodies - Company Hoodie Ideas - Blanket

Work Hoodies with Logo

Work hoodies that are personalized with a company logo can be gifted to employees who need to wear warm layers when working outdoors in the fall, winter, and spring. Hi-vis work hoodies with logo are especially useful for roadway construction workers, utility linemen, and other workers who need heavy-duty company hoodies and other branded work wear.

Logo work hoodies can also be stocked in a company apparel store. Caterpillar Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, helps build brand loyalty and engagement by selling branded workwear such as logo work hoodies in their online company store.

Unique Business Hoodie Ideas

Some unique twists on the ubiquitous company hoodie include:

  • printing your company mission statement or other action-based statement on the inside of the hoodie (leaving the outside completely unbranded);
  • giving away sleeveless hoodies and cropped hoodies during promotional events and product launches held in the summer;
  • selling miniature hoodies to keep their favorite inanimate objects warm and cozy (such as Xbox controller hoodies and hoodie can coolers);
  • using designer hoodies as coveted employee rewards. Salesforce’s Golden Hoodies are ornate gold lamé hoodies that are used to recognize and reward exemplary staff.

Making your company swag rare and difficult to obtain makes it more valuable to employees and customers alike. Personalized hoodies made from high-quality materials such as metallic/lamé fabrics or cashmere are more likely to be sought-after by corporate staff and/or consumers.

Build Your Brand with High-Quality Custom Hoodies

Promotional hoodies for men, promotional hoodies for women, and unisex promotional hoodies are available in variety of sizes, colors, and fabrics including organic cotton, cotton-polyester blends, heavyweight microfleece, and French terry knit. Many apparel brands offer hoodies in kids’ sizes and tall sizes as well.

Both promotional zip up hoodies and pullover hoodies can be customized with a company logo and messaging. A logo, slogan, or graphic design is often embroidered or printed on the front, back, or sleeve(s) of a hoodie. Embroidered hoodies are especially popular with gift recipients because of their premium look.

Businesses and organizations often use wholesale apparel brands like Port & Company and Bella + Canvas to create their personalized business hoodies. Both brands offer high-quality customizable apparel and outerwear at an affordable price. Hoodies made by name brand apparel manufacturers like Champion, Nike, and Carhartt are also available for customization.

Premium hoodie design features to consider for optimal comfort and durability include front kangaroo pocket; drawstring hood with embroidered grommets; rib-knit hem and cuffs; eco-friendly cork drawstring grabs and zipper pull; zip-through collar; and lined 3-panel hood. Trending hoodie styles for 2024 include retro color block hoodies, boxy hoodies, sporty quarter-zip hoodies, and camo hoodies.

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