Mobile Responsive Online Company Stores Optimized for Search

A BrandHub Online Company Store is a powerful branded merchandise portal for simplifying the management and distribution of promotional items by empowering internal and external stakeholders with a capacity for self-service. They can also be used to generate revenue, giving new and existing customers an opportunity to share their love of your brand with the people they interact with each day. Whether we are developing an internal or external facing storefront to support your promotional products strategy, it is important to understand that your BrandHub Store is being built on a solid foundation that incorporates the fundamental strategies of modern website design.

Responsive Stores Made for Every Device

According to the Pew Research Center, 85% of Americans own a smartphone while roughly half own a tablet computer. 15% of American adults are “smartphone-only” internet users who do not have traditional home broadband service. Whether or not you anticipate more desktop users to visit your store, it is safe to assume that with more than half of all website traffic coming from mobile devices every year since 2017, there will be some who need to access your site with a mobile device.

All BrandHub Online Company Stores are built on a cutting-edge HTML framework that assures your store will work on any modern device. This allows us to focus on creating a custom website that will provide an exceptional user experience that incorporates other fundamentals of retailing into your ecommerce store design:

  • Easily navigated products and product collections with on-site search functionality.
  • Well merchandised products with vivid images and detailed descriptions.
  • Attentive customer service staff available to answer questions and close the deal on chat, email, or phone.
  • Product upselling and cross selling for increased conversion value.
  • Reporting data that allows for follow up on abandoned carts and first-time customers.
  • Customer contact information for outreach programs that keep them coming back.

Mobile Responsive Online Company Stores Optimized for SearchStores Optimized for Search

No matter how much attention is paid to creating an effective user experience that converts, stores built to generate revenue from the sales of custom branded products face the same challenge as any other retail outlet: Traffic. Whether working on a brick-and-mortar store that needs foot traffic or a website that needs clicks, hanging a physical or virtual Now Open sign over the door is only the first step in the launch. There are many ways to promote an online company store, but promotions should be a strategic driver for growth – not solely counted on for success of the store.

It is essential that we are building from a foundation that is optimized for organic search, because SEO has approximately 20 times more traffic opportunities than pay-per-click advertising. Over the last 2 quarters of 2020, organic visits to search engines from mobile devices in the United States amounted to 64% of all organic search engine traffic and 40.9% of all Google searches that result in an organic click were done on mobile devices.

All BrandHub Online Company Stores are optimized for search using on-page SEO techniques and search friendly HTML. With all the right tags formatted correctly and available where search engines expect to find them, your brand and product messaging will be transmitted, cataloged, and presented clearly on the appropriate search engine results pages. Your store can also be connected seamlessly to your existing Google Analytics account, allowing you to track your customers’ activity anywhere they go on your website.

BrandHub – Mobile Responsive and Optimized for SEO

Taking the time to build an exceptional user experience does not help if no one can find your website or if it is unusable when they get there. By partnering with Metron Branding to develop your online company store, you can rest assured that we are building a website that as a default can be found and accessed by any device. Contact Us for a BrandHub Online Company Store Consultation or fill out the form below.