Digital Products on your Online Company Store: The Easiest Way to Distribute your Brand’s Digital Material

Digital products are a big part of any brand’s arsenal. Social media assets, email banners, digital posters & flyers; they all play a big part in making things easier for your employees. There’s no better place to house your digital assets than with an online company store.

An online company store makes it easy to login and manage your company’s digital assets. You can create categories, restrict users to certain products or categories, and even charge for digital assets. Users are easily able to create an account and quickly gain access to the site and its contents. You can also completely limit a site’s access to only registered users and make it so it’s only accessible to employees. But why stop with just digital products?

As your digital asset store grows, you might start thinking about adding some branded merch to it. Well, guess what. Metron Branding makes that easy too. We throw in a store starter pack with every store. Our store starter pack contains our pick of essential apparel and hard goods to have in every store. We tailor the selection to your brand and every pieces is made-to-order, so no need to hold inventory of anything.

If you’re interested in any of the above, you’ve come to the right place. Get a company store consultation and find out if we can help make your brand easier to manage. Want to learn more about company stores? Check out our online company store guide today!