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Maintaining Brand Unity With Marketing Materials: A Guide

Are you struggling with inconsistencies in your marketing materials and branded merchandise? A brand review could help your organization unify its marketing and communication efforts. Consistent use of images and messages will help your brand communicate and create more recognition with your audience.

Consider having any communication to an external audience receive approval from your marketing and communications department prior to purchasing and distribution, and evaluate each piece using the “brand review” model. A good review process consists of a series of questions to help determine whether or not the collateral item is in line with your brand standards. Here are some examples:

Does it complement and not conflict with your key messages?

Does it use current photography or images that complement the message?

Is the medium right for the intended audience?

If applicable, is there a call to action?

Is all appropriate contact information listed (website, phone number, email, etc.)?

Do your marketing materials follow your brand guidelines or style guide? Specifically:

-Is the logo used correctly?

-Are brand colors used appropriately?

-Does it use the brand fonts?

Ensuring the answer is “yes” to a series of questions like these is an excellent guide to a quality, high impact marketing item.

The next step is probably the most important: making sure the supplier of your marketing materials helps you. Specifically, do they provide you with high quality products and materials consistent with your brand? Do you have access to a full array of goods and services from your marketing partner that make your life easier, while delivering the value and service you deserve? A dependable partner will safeguard your business image and ensure you deliver the set quality of brand standards your audience expects from you.

Metron can assist you in carrying out a full review of your branded collateral. Contact us today for a consultation of your brand.