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Precisely had to shift their yearly sales kickoff meeting, the SKO, to a virtual event.
They worked with Metron Branding to create “SKO in a Box”: a customized gift box of
branded merch that would help bring together a workforce kept apart by the pandemic.

Organizational Culture, Interrupted

Precisely is a company with thousands of employees in nearly 20 countries that develops data management software. Their annual in-person meeting traditionally brings these employees together under one roof for a memorable event that builds camaraderie while reinforcing a sense of equality, belonging, and ownership among team members and managers across business units. After a series of substantial international merger and acquisition activities in 2020, the event in 2021 would be as important as ever with an increasingly diverse workforce in need of immersion into Precisely’s organizational culture. However, as the pandemic raced across the globe, country after country quickly imposed travel restrictions, strict lockdown measures, and social distancing guidelines to help slow the spread of infection. These lockdowns resulted in an abrupt and historic switch to employees working from home and eliminated Precisely’s ability to bring its workforce together, forcing them to consider how to connect with a workforce working from home.

Making a Virtual Connection Feel Real

In our initial consultation, we discovered that Precisely sought to deliver the same level of engagement enjoyed at previous annual meetings, even though this time it would be a virtual event. Knowing that the best way to connect with virtual event attendees is a gift bag filled with customized products that serves as a physical manifestation of the brand, we worked with them to understand the experience they hoped each employee would encounter. In addition to reinforcing their inclusive culture, it was important to them that their branded merchandise kits were identical for every employee, that they were delivered nearly simultaneously, and that cost targets were met.

SKO in a Box

With an understanding of their needs, we did our homework and presented our turnkey solution: SKO in a Box. Our recommendations included:
➤  Product guidance with flexible options – We showed them 6 different kit options, each of which provided a customized set of product solutions that met their need for a physical manifestation of the brand.
➤  Single source production for brand consistency – Even with strict specifications there are likely to be variations in merchandise that is built by different producers on different continents. We knew every kit had to be identical, so we would enlist a single producer for manufacturing and kitting the project.
➤  Simultaneous delivery facilitated by regional distribution points – Individual parcel packages shipped internationally face many obstacles that make it nearly impossible to determine a reliable estimated time of arrival. Multiply that by thousands of packages going to dozens of countries and we knew we’d have to work closely with our distribution partners to provide a customized solution: Pallets of SKO in a Box kits delivered to distribution points around the globe for delivery within each region, significantly reducing the variability of international parcel services.
➤  Cost targets met without sacrificing quality – By avoiding minimum order quantities from multiple producers and the cost-prohibitive nature of global parcel delivery from a single distribution point, we were able to provide a kit full of high quality Precisely branded products that would impress.

A Turnkey Solution

After giving Precisely an opportunity to review our suggested kits and curate the collection of swag that best suited their preferences, we were ready to get started. Our dedicated manager for this account took personal responsibility for managing every aspect of the process and ensuring consistent results for every projection of their brand’s identity found in each kit. Along the way, we provided weekly updates on our progress that lent Precisely peace of mind with the transparency they needed to be confident in our results.

The Result: A Resounding Success

Every recipient received their identical kits on time, helping to make Precisely’s workforce feel like equals on the same team. The kit even included an apparel item that everyone was encouraged to wear on one of the days of the event. A real team atmosphere was created as everyone from the newest employees to upper management saw each other sporting the Precisely brand just as they did.

By trusting Metron Branding to develop a custom promotional products strategy and carefully manage its tactical implementation, Precisely enjoyed substantial time and cost savings that allowed them to focus on developing software while still hosting a memorable event to remember in a suddenly changed world. In fact, this kit was so successful, it has become a part of their permanent process with similar versions now being produced for interns, new hires, and other company events. It is also used to welcome employees of newly acquired companies and immerse them into the Precisely culture.

Precisely SKO Portfolio 2

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