Warm Up with Winter Promotional Apparel!

Cold weather is coming, make sure you’re prepared with this list of winter promotional apparel. Trying to outfit your employees before the snow strikes? Keep reading to learn what products to get for winter and how to contact Metron Branding to get started today!

The Scarf

A scarf will keep your neck warm and help fight off the wind that’s sure to come with winter time. Our customers tend to wear their scarves whenever they go out in the cold, so they serve as a great opportunity to get your brand out there. Promotional scarves are a unique product and will definitely be a big draw for employees, clients, and everyone in between.

The Hat

A hat will cover up your ears and ensure they stay warm. Get your company logo or company name on either side of the hat, ensuring your brand can be viewed no matter the angle.  Branded winter hats are popular with both employees and customers. They make great gifts regardless of the weather.

The Material

Wondering what material your products should be made out of to get the most warming power? Two fabrics stand out above the rest: wool and fleece. Wool is a natural fabric made from the coat of a sheep, goat or similar animal. Fleece is a synthetic alternative to wool; no sheep need to be shaved for fleece! Due to being a fabric found in nature, wool is more expensive than a man-made fabric like fleece. Both will keep you cozy and warm whether it’s up against the winter weather or your office AC.

Get Started

Get your winter promotional apparel shopping list started by visiting our online shop or get custom suggestions for your company or project by contacting us by phone at 248-545-4444 or leave us a message online.