4 Ways to Increase Online Company Store Engagement

When it comes to ecommerce, customer engagement can make or break a store. This is especially true when it comes to online company store engagement. While it’s possible to have a high engagement rate from the beginning, it’s important to ensure it stays up. Use these tips to promote a steady rate of usage for your online company store, or put them to use on a new online company store.

Show Off Your Products

A boring stock product image can only do so much. Have some fun with your branded products and you’d be surprised how effective it can be at generating interest. Office videos featuring the product or even just physically showing them off around the workplace will definitely get people going on your online company store.

Financial Incentives

Coupons, promos, gift cards, contests, you name it, they’ll all do the trick. Users love saving money, but don’t run sales too often or you’ll find they won’t purchase a product until it’s on sale. Tying gift cards and products to work performance is also a great idea. You’re able to reward workers who deserve it with branded gear that they want and can show off.

Email and Social Media Marketing

Emails are a great way to keep your customer base up to date with any new promotions, products, or other company store related info you have to share. Use emails to get creative with your marketing: interact with your customers rather than just try and sell them on products. By using channels such as email and social, you’re able to open a more intimate dialogue with your customers and find insights you wouldn’t be able to anywhere else. Having a user base of employees to work with lets you comfortably narrow down what will and won’t work. You can easily see how effective social media campaigns are when done right.

Print Material

It may seem old-fashioned but print material, such as flyers or product catalogs, can be a very effective way to sell your branded merchandise. They’re especially effective when used with a sale, helping spread news of your deals in places such as the cafeteria or warehouse. Product catalogs let your users browse through your entire selection and easily share products with others around the office.

Online company store engagement starts first with dedicating time and effort into maintaining the store. Once you have that down, you can start looking for ways to improve your store, especially in terms of site usage.