15 Virtual Swag Ideas and Examples

The events industry is rapidly evolving. As a result, many businesses and events coordinators are searching for great virtual swag ideas that can help build excitement for a brand or online event in 2022 and the years to come.

Even as in-person concerts, festivals, and business events (including brick-and-mortar trade shows, conferences, and conventions) began to return in 2021, hybrid and virtual events have remained popular with companies and professional organizations. According to recent research from vFairs, 92% of companies continued hosting virtual events even after physical events resumed. And 46% companies will host more virtual events in 2022 than in 2021.

Virtual and hybrid events were already widely used in some industries, such as education, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic that began in 2020. Educators appreciate the lower entrance costs of virtual conferences, webinars, and other professional events. Because they don’t require days of travel, virtual events are also much less of a time commitment, making it easier for busy professionals to attend multiple virtual talks or conferences a year.

Other industries – from tech to music – have learned about the value and possibilities of virtual and hybrid events over the past two years. New platforms and technologies are being developed that will use the metaverse to create virtual and hybrid events that better emulate the social and tangible experience of in-person concerts and live events. According to a press release for ELYNXIR, the world’s first music metaverse™, “Virtual worlds are augmenting physical events, and the metaverse offers an opportunity to inject a sense of wonder and physical experience back into interactions with music.”

Direct mail gifts can also help businesses and event coordinators provide virtual event attendees with a tangible, physical experience–as well as an element of surprise and delight. Virtual event gifts including digital or virtual swag bags fall into two main categories: Custom conference speaker gifts and Custom gifts for event attendees

Virtual Swag Ideas for Speakers & Presenters

Gifts for virtual events can range from gift cards and awards/plaques for presenters…

…to digital gifts like eBooks, digital stickers and NFTs…

…to “virtual” swag bags or gift boxes full of promotional merchandise for attendees.

Virtual Swag Ideas for Before the Event

Some virtual event gift boxes, containing branded merchandise from various vendors and sponsors, are sent to attendees prior to an event to build up excitement and momentum:

One of our favorite virtual swag bag examples highlights the importance of including both practical and fun items in a custom swag pack, bag or box:

Tangible gifts – including sweet and savory snacks, artisan beverages & other goodies –can also help event coordinators create a more interactive and social experience for virtual event and conference attendees:

Virtual Swag Ideas – Let Them Choose

To make their experience feel more special, while also cutting down on environmental waste, some virtual event coordinators also offer attendees the opportunity to choose their own custom gift after registration:

Virtual Swag Ideas for Vendor Exhibitors

Vendors, rather than event coordinators, also sometimes send gifts directly to attendees of virtual conferences, expos & trade shows after an event as a call to action. Virtual event gift boxes or packages sent either prior to an event or after an event provide a tangible way to connect with or follow up with attendees.

Virtual Swag Ideas – Digital & Physical Giveaways

Some vendors also use digital and physical giveaways like eGift cards and branded swag as contest prizes or incentives for attendees to visit their virtual booth and/or sign up for email lists.

Branded Promotional Products – the Most Beloved Advertising

Promotional products and free gifts are consumers’ #1 most beloved form of advertising. Virtual swag bags and other gifts – whether digital or physical – provide an irreplaceable way to build excitement for events and brands.

Up Your Virtual Swag Game with Metron Branding

For additional virtual swag ideas, check out our list of Conference Swag Ideas and our guide to the Best Swag Items for Trade Shows (According to Attendees).

For assistance with building memorable virtual swag bags, or setting up your own virtual swag store for any event, Contact Metron Branding for a free consultation today!

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