Uploads & Downloads with Your Online Company Store: Make your Users Happy

Allowing users the ability to upload and download files in your company store is a powerful tool. Not only are uploads used for variable data products, they can also let the user attach a file to their order. For example, if one user was purchasing a card for another user, they could attach a digital copy as a PDF to the order, allowing them to get it along with the order confirmation.

Downloads open up a whole new world for your users and giving your users the ability to both upload and download files lets you diversify your online company store from more traditional offerings. All of a sudden, your employees see the site not just as a place to buy items, but as a one-stop company resource site. Sure, your employees can buy flyers and posters and all that fun stuff, but why not give them the ability to download them as well? Then give them the ability to upload pictures and run a contest for whoever can get your company on the craziest (work-safe!) place they can find. Bam, your employees are engaged and having fun interacting with your online company store, leading to consistent use of the store and increased employee satisfaction. Just imagine Jane, your 10 year tropper of an accountant, beaming while she wears a fleece with your company’s logo on it, ordered from the warmth of her desk. Get a company store up and get those smiles sprouting.

At Metron Branding, we don’t want to just make you an ordinary, boring online company store. We want to make something that will wow your socks off. We want to ensure your site stays active and your users stay happy. Get started with your company store demo right now or reach out to us by phone (248-545-4444) or online and get started with the company store of your dreams today.