Five Tips to Having a Great Trade Show Booth!

1. Location, Location, Location

Where you’re able to put your booth will be a huge determining factor for how much traffic you recieve. Try to get a space by the entrance. Other prime spots include a corner booth (for great flow) and near the food! Everyone will be visiting the food at one time or another.

2. What your booth looks like says a lot!

Invest in some quality displays. Make your brand present and bold. You want your booth to draw people in. Check out some of these displays – they’re great for capturing an audience! Contact us if you’d like help finding a display or have any questions!

3. Have the right attitude!

Trade shows are fun! Your attitude is everything. Just as you want your brand to be inviting, you should be the same. Having a great attitude can really make the difference!

4. Make sure you’re well stocked with some great swag.

You want your booth visitors to want those promo items. Having great, easy to grab items is a great way to leave a lasting impression, even after the trade show. 

5. The whole reason you’re at the trade show is to capture some great leads.

Come up with a great and creative way to gain some interest. Try a raffle or some type of great contest to draw a crowd and keep them interested!

Bonus Tip: Dress to Impress!

What better way to represent your brand than some awesome branded apparel! Represent your brand with some of the hottest styles and most current decoration methods! You can go with the classic left-chest imprint, or try something a little different like the right sleeve or back of yolk decoration! They look great on Nike and Adidas polos.

That concludes part one of our trade show tips. Keep an eye out for our next post on the top five swag items for your tradeshow booth!