The Latest Custom Merch from Metron Branding

Custom merch is a big part of what we do here at Metron Branding and we love to show off our capabilities. Our clients are constantly coming to us looking for new and fresh ideas and we’re happy to deliver. Check out some of our latest custom merch below.

Mango Languages Pirate Day 2019 Shirt

Mango LanguagesĀ is big on pirates. You can even learn how to speak pirate from them! They’ve got big plans for Pirate Day 2019, and one of the things they’re doing is new shirts. Check out the sneak peek for these new shirts below and get hyped for this year’s Pirate Day!

The Latest Custom Merch from Metron Branding 1

Konecranes Campfire Mug

Konecranes wanted to get a cool mug to prepare for the spring, so they went with a campfire mug. The mug features a powder-coated finish and is ideal for using outdoors when camping, tailgating or anything else. Campfire mugs are the latest in a trend of I’m-not-quite-sure-what (another lumberjack push?) but look forward to seeing your local Target filled to the brim with them.
The Latest Custom Merch from Metron Branding 2

Western Bowie and Montreal Pens

Western Global wanted some pens for their offices and workers. So, we got them some pens. Honestly, they’re just pens, I can only type so much about them. One of them comes with a cover. They write well. They look cool. I’m just writing to pad this section right now. Get some pens here.The Latest Custom Merch from Metron Branding 3If you liked what you see here, get your promotional project started today with Metron Branding! As always, let us know if you have any suggestions, ideas, angry rebuttals and all that other fun stuff on ourĀ contact page. Thanks for reading!