6 Benefits of an Online Company Store for Employees and FAQ

Online Company Store for Employees

Updated December 2023 What is an Online Company Store for Employees? An online company store for employees (aka an employee merchandise store, internal company store, or company swag store), is an e-store for employee swag, uniforms, and gifts. An online company store for employees has two interfaces: one for employees to use to select their … Read more

Best Online Merch Stores with BrandHub Branded Merchandise Platform

Best Online Merch Stores with BrandHub Branded Merchandise Platform 1

For B2C companies, an online merch store has become an essential tool for brand growth. That’s because branded merchandise is a proven way to accelerate brand engagement and loyalty while also generating valuable publicity that can increase brand awareness. According to writer Adam Bluestein, there is now an entire “generation of consumers weaned on social … Read more

22 Unique Employee Appreciation Gifts to Brighten their Day

unique employee appreciation gifts

With high turnover expected to continue across industries in 2022, small gestures that recognize and reward your employees for their hard work and dedication are more important than ever. This includes everything from regular praise and feedback to personalized employee appreciation gifts. Thoughtful, useful, personalized, and unique employee appreciation gifts are a staff recognition tool … Read more

Social Distancing Wristbands are Essential Accessories for Offices, Conferences & Events in 2022

Social Distancing Wristbands

Social distancing wristbands and lanyards have become a popular way for conference and event attendees to signify their level of comfort with physical greetings like handshakes and elbow bumping during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now they are being used by businesses around the world (from New York to Dubai) to help make workers feel more comfortable … Read more

Trendy Swag Ideas – 10 of the Best Promotional Product Trends to Try in 2022

Trendy Swag Ideas - 10 of the Best Promotional Product Trends to Try in 2022 2

Trendy swag ideas like futuristic VR headsets and retro disposable cameras incorporated into your marketing and advertising campaigns is a great way to capture the attention of overstimulated consumers typically exposed to thousands of ads per day. In general, promotional product trends tend to mirror consumer product trends. However, popular marketing strategies also influence the … Read more

5 Best Corporate Gifting Trends to Maximize the ROI of Business Gifts

Corporate Gifting Trends 2022

Providing your customers, sales prospects & employees with quality gifts that make an impact (improve relationships, convert prospects into customers & motivate employees) has never been more important. As businesses increasingly search for cost-effective ways to build and maintain relationships in the absence of face-to-face meetings, corporate gifting frequency has increased. That’s because corporate gifting … Read more

The 10 Best Corporate Food Gifts for Clients and Employees

the 10 Best Corporate Food Gifts

The 10 best corporate food gifts listed below are selected based on 2021 promotional product trends and are a delicious way to leave a memorable impression on your employees and customers. Food gifts were a hit with consumers and companies alike in 2020. During the pandemic, people gifted everything from kringles (Danish pastries) to Philly … Read more

Connect with a Workforce Working From Home

Working From Home - WFH

Working from home (WFH) has been a growing trend for well over a decade. Forbes reported a Global Workplace Analytics graphic in January 2020 that indicated 159% growth in remote work over the previous 12 years. According to the 2019 National Compensation Survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 7% of civilian workers – … Read more

5 Ways to Use Promotional Products as Incentives


The Advertising Specialties Institute (ASI) has published their most recent asi study analyzing channel belief versus customer needs. With massive changes in recent years in communications technology and how brands go to market, using promotional products as incentives is still an effective way to motivate and influence behavior in end-users. The following is a list … Read more