The Best Swag for Tech Companies

best swag for tech companies

The technology industry is currently the 10th largest market for promotional products sales in the United States. According to research from the Advertising Specialty Institute, 5% of all promotional product sales in 2021 were made to tech companies. When it comes to selecting the best promotional products or swag for technology trade shows, conferences and … Read more

Brand Refresh Announcement Examples that Emphasize Story & Visual Identity

Brand Refresh Announcement

A brand refresh shouldn’t be a secret from your employees or customers. That’s why one of the final steps of your brand refresh checklist – the brand refresh announcement – is a crucial one. Figuring out how to effectively announce a brand refresh or rebranding to your employees, customers, and the world at large should … Read more

2022 Promotional Product Trends – The Most Influential Items by State, Gender, Age & More

Promotional Product Trends

One of the best sources of data related to promotional product trends – i.e. which promotional products are the most cost-effective and popular with consumers – is the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI)’s Ad Impressions Study, which is released every 1-2 years. The 2022 edition of this report provides detailed insight into promotional product trends – … Read more

Welcome Back to Work Gifts – Employee Gift Ideas to Motivate and Inspire your Team

employee care packages: welcome back to work gifts

After two years of remote work arrangements, large corporations like Google and Apple have begun welcoming their workers back to the office. With the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic now appearing to be over, many other companies will likely follow their lead in March and April 2022. Some companies, especially those in the competitive tech … Read more

Promotional Umbrellas Signify Protection & Coverage – 15 Custom Logo Umbrella Ideas

fall giveaway ideas promotional umbrellas with custom logo

Promotional umbrellas, including rain umbrellas, golf umbrellas, and sun umbrellas – provide great ROI for your marketing dollars. That’s because: Promotional umbrellas have low cost-per-impression: a promotional umbrella that costs $10 will have a CPI of under a cent, according to the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI)’s latest Global Ad Impressions Study. On average, promotional umbrellas … Read more

Build Brand Awareness & Loyalty that Lasts with Branded Merchandise

Build Brand Awareness & Loyalty with Branded Merchandise

The more consumers are aware of your brand, the more likely they are to buy from your brand. Some marketers estimate it only takes 7 impressions or interactions for a consumer to decide to buy from a brand. Branded merchandise, or promotional merchandise, is one of the most effective advertising mediums for increasing brand recall … Read more

8 Employee Welcome Kit Ideas for New Hires in 2022

employee welcome kits for new hires

Employee welcome kits are increasingly popular with large corporations and small businesses alike. An effective employee welcome kit for 2022 will help make your new hires and summer interns feel like a part of the team from day 1. We’ve put together a guide to building and customizing the best employee welcome kits – including … Read more

Most Popular Promotional Items – The Top 25 in 2021

Most Popular Promotional Items - The Top 25 in 2021 1

As the new year approaches, we decided to take a look back at the most popular promotional items in 2021. Not surprisingly, most of our customers’ favorite products this year were classic promotional items that never go out of style – useful, universally appealing, and effective – with low cost-per-impression (CPI). A few items reflect … Read more

Best Company Branded Jackets for Fall and Winter – 6 Trendy Promotional Outerwear Styles

Company Branded Jackets

Company branded jackets make some of the best corporate swag around. Promotional outerwear items like jackets and coats have low cost per impressions and are extremely popular with consumers, making them a great option for promotional giveaways. On average, promotional outerwear like branded jackets are kept by consumers for 16 months and generate 6,100 impressions … Read more

How Employee Swag Stores Help Build Good Company Culture

Employee Swag Stores

Employee retention strategies are more important than ever – especially for companies in the healthcare, technology, and retail industries seeking to reduce employee turnover during the Great Resignation. According to research recently published in the Harvard Business Review (HBR), resignation rates between 2020 and 2021 were highest among mid-career employees in the 30-45 age group. … Read more