Tech Swag Ideas: 15 Trendy Promotional Items for Technology Giveaways

Tech Swag Ideas

Updated September 2023 Technology promotional products (including personalized flash drives, wireless charging stations, branded drones, and waterproof earbuds) are frequently distributed to consumers via promotional events, trade shows, and direct mailing campaigns. According to research from the Advertising Specialty Institute, electronics and computer-related products (non-mobile tech) like USB Drives accounted for 2.6% of all promotional product sales … Read more

10 Popular Tech Gifts to Stock in your Company Merch Store

Tech Gifts to Stock

When it comes figuring out what to stock in your company merch store, it’s important to consider a wide range of products beyond branded apparel and accessories. Custom tech gadgets are one of the most popular types of branded merchandise for company merch stores. That’s because technology products like portable Bluetooth speakers and wireless chargers … Read more

The Best Swag for Tech Companies

best swag for tech companies

The technology industry is currently the 10th largest market for promotional products sales in the United States. According to research from the Advertising Specialty Institute, 5% of all promotional product sales in 2021 were made to tech companies. When it comes to selecting the best promotional products or swag for technology trade shows, conferences and … Read more

Tech Company Merchandise – Why Top Companies Give So Much to Employees

Tech Company Merchandise

Tech company merchandise is more than just company t-shirts to commemorate off-site retreats and trade show giveaways to drum up new business. Branded merch is also increasingly being used by high-performing technology corporations and startups alike to attract, engage, and retain top talent. Many of the top performing companies in the information technology sector – … Read more

Essential Branded Merch Products for Remote Work: From Tech to Disinfect

Essential Branded Merch Products for Remote Work: From Tech to Disinfect 1

Due to the COVID19 outbreak, remote work is on the uprise. It’s important to stick with your workers during this tumultuous time and what better way to do that then to provide them with helpful products to ease the transition into working from home. We decided to compile a list of products that we think … Read more

What is a “Good” Promotional Product?

promo items

With the sheer amount of promotional products available in the market today, what is a “good” promotional product that is worthy of your investment? Some factors to consider are: Is it useful to the majority of recipients? Does it project a meaningful message for your brand/company? Is it memorable and/or useful enough that the recipient … Read more