6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Online Company Store for Employees

Online Company Store for Employees

If your current company swag management process consists of Excel spreadsheets and closets full of t-shirts in unusual sizes, you may be looking for a better way. An online company store for employees is the easiest way to source, manage, and distribute company swag, including tangible rewards (like branded tech and gift cards) for your … Read more

Increase Productivity in Manufacturing – Top 3 BrandHub Online Company Stores Features for Manufacturers

Increase Productivity in Manufacturing

BrandHub Online Company Stores offer so much more than a just way to distribute promotional products to customers and employees. The many different features of an online company store platform can help any type of business – including companies in the manufacturing industry – streamline various workflows, boost employee morale and increase employee productivity. Many … Read more

BrandHub: The Company Store Platform Built for your Needs

Swag Management Platform - BrandHub

BrandHub is Metron Branding’s company store platform, serving as the home of our online company stores for our various clients. But what exactly is BrandHub? What is this all-in-one platform that’s making companies lives easier day in and day out? Keep reading as we break down what sets BrandHub apart from its competitors. One Company … Read more