Swag Management Platform – Save Time, Money & Maintain Brand Consistency

Sourcing, storing, and shipping company swag and branded merchandise is a time consuming and expensive process.

Luckily, with a swag management platform, these tasks can be outsourced and automated to save time and money.

What is a Swag Management Platform?

A swag management platform refers to swag procurement, customization, and fulfillment services – along with cloud-based software that simplifies the process of managing swag. Key swag management software features include order tracking and real-time inventory management.

A swag management platform is also known as a branded merchandise management platform, company store, or employee swag store.

A custom swag management platform by Metron Branding will help your business accomplish everything swag related – from procurement to fulfillment – in one centralized system.

Strategic Procurement & Management. Allow different departments and divisions to easily obtain premium custom company swag and other branded merchandise that adheres to brand guidelines.

Ditch the Spreadsheets. Quickly and easily manage ordering, inventory, and swag distribution from a custom dashboard – or push and pull data to and from other systems (ERP, CRM, etc.). 

Close the Swag Closet. We’ll customize, store, assemble, and ship your swag on demand. We also offer a hybrid approach to inventory management.

A swag management platform is the most cost-effective way to manage your company swag and branded merchandise. It’s also the easiest way for employees to access branded materials, from apparel to printing materials.

When it Comes to Company Swag, Brand Consistency is Key

A swag management platform helps protect the integrity of your brand identity while streamlining the process of procuring, managing, and distributing custom corporate swag.

Utilizing a single centralized platform for swag procurement and management ensures brand consistency. By using the services of one vendor, you can better control how your logo and other brand assets are used. Working with a dedicated account representative also helps ensure that each piece of swag sent out to an employee, sales lead, or client meets your requirements and specifications.

Corporate branding should be consistent across all channels. That’s why your swag management platform should always feature an end user interface (aka company swag store or employee swag store) that has been customized to your brand and marketing requirements. A user interface that looks and feels like a real brand e-commerce store encourages use and increases discoverability. For B2C brands, a well-designed swag store also becomes valuable online real estate.

Swag Management Platform - Consistency is Key

Cohesive Branding Requires Fresh Swag – Not Outdated Logo Items

A cohesive visual identity is important for any business. Company swag should always feature your brand’s most current logo and brand identity elements. Branded company apparel especially should be current in style and decorated with your brand’s most current logo, fonts, and colors. Custom shirt designs should always support brand messaging.

A swag management platform that offers on demand printing and/or a hybrid inventory system helps your business maintain brand cohesion and save money. Instead of printing and storing lots of swag on site that can quickly become outdated after a brand refresh or rebrand, your business can reduce inventory management costs with a swag management platform.

Achieve Brand Control with a BrandHub Platform

Large companies and multinational corporations require a scalable and flexible swag management solution for branded merchandise that meets specifications and brand guidelines.

With a BrandHub platform by Metron Branding your business can quickly and easily manage company swag for employees, sales prospects, and customers:

  • Drop ship print on demand swag customized with approved brand identity elements
  • Quickly order and distribute other branded merchandise (signage, uniforms, trade show booth displays, etc.)
  • Print professional business cards, sell sheets, etc. on the fly with variable data personalization

Company swag and other branded merchandise should always be aesthetically pleasing and adhere to your brand’s most current style guide. Our strict quality control procedures ensure customer satisfaction and brand identity consistency.

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