Marketing Collateral and your Rebranding Launch: a Quick Guide

Successful rebranding launches require disciplined project management that carefully directs the timely completion of many variables to deliver on an all-important “wow factor” reveal. A brand’s identity is made up of visible elements and if any element is not done correctly, it will stand out. Even so, when your company decides it is time for a brand refresh or rebranding, you won’t be alone. Many large corporations go through a rebranding once every decade – some, like Pepsi, prefer periodic refreshes by changing their visual brand identity frequently. Whether the need for a full rebranding is due to a large merger, repositioning, internationalization or another reason, a successful rebranding can result in new, improved customer perception and increased sales.

Rebranding Physical and Digital Assets

During the rebranding process, your company will want to draft a rebranding strategy and create an implementation plan. Your business should plan to work with a brand strategy agency that can help completely overhaul logos and wordmarks, typefaces, color palettes and other elements of your visual brand identity. Besides a new brand style guide, other steps in the rebranding process might include a name change, developing new slogans and taglines, obtaining new trademarks, copyrights and website URLs, and changing your brand voice guidelines.

Rebranding Launch Success - Brand Colors

Before your company is ready to roll out a rebranding or brand refresh, you’ll also need to update your marketing collateral – both digital and physical.  To ensure brand unity, marketing materials such as sell sheets, brochures, business cards, signage, and retail packaging will need to be updated to meet your new brand guidelines. Additional branded collateral, such as promotional items, employee uniforms, and branded apparel, will also need to adhere to your new brand style guide.

A rebranding checklist should be created that includes all of the critical digital marketing assets as well as the physical marketing materials that will need to be updated prior to a rebrand rollout. Essential marketing collateral that your company may need to update includes:

  • Digital media assets including videos, promotional photos, infographics, catalogs & digital audio files
  • Print and web ads including email banners & direct mail postcards
  • Email templates & social media templates
  • Brochures, posters & newsletter templates
  • Business cards, letterheads, spec sheets & sales flyers
  • Signage, banners, flags, vehicle wraps and advertising displays
  • Promotional items like pens, refrigerator magnets, t-shirts & drinkware
  • Employee uniforms, name badges, promotional apparel & branded personal protective equipment

Rebranding Launch Success with Metron Branding

Metron Branding understands the importance of brand identity, so our first step is to assign a dedicated Account Manager who will take personal ownership of your brand’s new identity across all mediums. She or he will work with you to simplify oversight with stakeholder empowerment that guarantees consistent results across personalized items. We’ll also ensure your brand appears on all of the latest gear, printed or decorated to our exacting standards, and delivered flawlessly to all stakeholders.

BrandHub Pop-Up Shop for Rebranding Personalized Items

A BrandHub pop-up shop created specifically for your rebranding launch can make the redesign and management of both digital and physical marketing collateral less costly and time consuming for your organization. An online company store streamlines the process of sourcing and distributing a wide range of branded collateral including employee uniforms and company swag for brand-activation events and trade shows. An online company store also makes it easy for staff to create variable data products such as business cards, spec sheets, sales flyers, and signs while ensuring brand consistency.

Starting with the design of your online company store, Metron Branding works with you to make sure we meet all of your new brand guidelines. We take your updated brand colors, logo, and fonts into account when building your custom store. We use responsive design and single sign-on authentication to ensure mobile-friendly, secure access for your employees and other stakeholders.

Rebrand Kits Customized and Delivered to Employees, Locations and Customers

Rebranding Launch Success - Branded Products

In addition to empowering stakeholders with self-service acquisition of personalized branded items, Metron Branding can also deliver customized Rebrand Kits to employees, physical locations, and customers around the world. We work with international and regional warehousing and shipping groups to facilitate the simultaneous delivery of:

  • Customized Rebrand Kits for employees that ensure a sense of inclusion and vested interest when all employees company wide are delivered the same kit at the same time.
  • Rebrand Kits that facilitate a physical change of the common signage and sales collateral found across all company locations.
  • A rebranding launch is a great opportunity to reach out to customers and provide them with their first look at your new brand with gifts they’ll remember.

Quality and Cost Savings Assured

Regarding physical marketing collateral such as company swag, signage, advertising displays & direct mailers, Metron Branding helps your company create brand unity by handling screen printing and embroidery to ensure your new brand guidelines are strictly followed. Because we support all types of company apparel store inventory – including on-demand products, stock inventory and a hybrid system – your company can enjoy cost savings from lower inventory and simplified inventory management. In addition, our experience working on rebranding projects ensures you will have a dedicated partner capable of guiding you through a successful rebranding campaign.

Let’s Refresh Your Brand Today

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