Promotional Product Ideas: A Primer on the Basics with Metron Branding

When a promotional project rears its head, you need to be prepared with a smart plan to handle it. Learn how to think like a promotional marketing expert with these few tips. Looking for a promotional agency to help with your project? Contact Metron Branding today to chat with an expert who’ll get you started in no time.

Context is Important

When it comes to promotional products, it’s important to keep in mind the type of event and audience the products are for. You don’t want to confuse your audience by giving them a gift they won’t use. You also don’t want to give your promotional products out to someone who doesn’t care about you or your company. Just giving out branded bottles in a street corner probably won’t do much in attracting new customers or sales; going to a specific event for your industry and passing out those same branded bottles will.

Caring Goes a Long Way

All too often a company will go out and stick their logo on some random piece of crap and expect results. When choosing a promotional product, show you care. Choose something that’s useful, unique, or thoughtful; preferably a combination of all three. After giving a product out to a customer, follow up with them. Again, show you care. Ask them if they liked what you gave them or if they threw it into their “graveyard of promotional products” drawer. The answer will tell you if your promotional strategy is actually working.

Don’t Rush

Waiting to do things last minute can lead to all sorts of unexpected consequences. When you hear news of an event or customer meeting coming up, start preparing as soon as you can. If you’re completely swamped, take advantage of the many promotional marketing companies that are in place to make your life easier. When you’re forced to rush something out, it shows, and that usually leaves a bad impression on the target that you’re trying to reach.

Use these tips to ensure your next promotional project is a success.