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ForgeRock’s IPO was made possible by the tireless dedication of their employees.
Metron Branding helped them feel appreciated as they celebrated a historic moment for the company.


For more than a decade, ForgeRock® has been focused on building a future where people could simply and safely access the connected world. In order to advance their mission of “fixing identity on the Internet,” leadership at the company knew they would need to become a publicly traded company.  ForgeRock’s CEO, Fran Rosch, noted that “being a public company will give us the resources and visibility needed to keep hiring people we affectionately call identity geeks and strengthen the ForgeRock Identity Platform.” Together, these identity geeks worked hard to make the company a success, and thanks to the hard work of more than 800 ForgeRockers, they publicly filed their S-1 with the SEC on August 23, 2021 to sell stock on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol FORG. As an integral part of making this historic event a reality, a celebration and a show of thanks was in order for the employees.

“Exceedingly Short Timeline”
“Made Even Shorter Midway Through”

Elaine Chu, a ForgeRock Executive Assistant had a lot to get done, but didn’t have a lot of time to get it all done in. The IPO was moving fast, and it was important that a customized corporate gift box was designed, personalized, and distributed to all employees in nearly 50 countries in time for the announcement on September 15th. In our initial consultation with Elaine, we came to understand that a gift box would need to be assembled for each employee and distributed to them within an “exceedingly short timeline.”

Custom Gift Boxes Tailored to Fit

With an understanding of their needs, we quickly did our homework and presented our turnkey solution.

➤  Product Guidance – We showed them a variety of the trending promotional gifts that included both men’s and women’s styles and sizes, which could have their logo applied, and be produced and distributed within the time constraints. Once they chose a gift box design and the gifts that would be included inside, we got to work.

➤  Personalized Surprise – We set up a Brand Hub Online Company Store Pop-Up Shop and distributed a one-time redemption code to all employees that they would use to provide us with their sizing information and current delivery details. The single use code streamlined the process while preventing individuals from ordering more than once. The store asked for their details without revealing what they would be receiving, building a sense of anticipation while maintaining an element of surprise.

➤  Production, Kitting, and Distribution – With the personalization information from each employee in hand, we began sourcing and producing the box and its contents. ForgeRock’s logo was applied to each gift, the boxes were printed and packed for distribution, and shipped to arrive in advance of the IPO.

The Result: A Memorable Celebration of Their Achievement

The gift boxes were delivered to the employees in time for a companywide celebration of their IPO debut on the NYSE. The whole company commemorated the exciting day together despite not being together and were able to show off their accomplishment – and their gifts – to each other and their social networks. ForgeRock even had this virtual mosaic made to show their employees wearing their branded swag on this historic day. (Click on the image to see the virtual mosaic.)

According to Elaine, “Feedback was unanimously positive, and we received many comments on the excitement the branded boxes generated, helping them to feel included in this historic event for the company.” She added “Greatly appreciate [our dedicated account manager’s] calm zen and can-do positivity.”

When we asked Elaine what went well or exceeded expectations during this project, she replied, “The quality of the products, execution of branding and branded packaging, the agility of the team to deliver within a short timeline made even shorter midway through the project.”

FORG Virtual Mosaic
Corporate Gift Box for Employees - FORG IPO
Corporate Gifts for Employees - FORG IPO Medallions
Corporate Gifts for Employees - FORG IPO Hat
Corporate Gifts for Employees - FORG IPO Shirt
Corporate Gifts for Employees - FORG IPO Socks
Corporate Gifts for Employees - FORG IPO Mug

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