Pop-Up Shops and Employee Redemption Stores: The Newest Offering from Metron Branding

Pop-up shops and employee redemption stores are the latest type of store offering by Metron Branding. Let’s say you don’t want to go through the hustle and bustle of setting up a custom store for your company. Maybe you want to get your employees gifts for the upcoming holidays or anniversary event. What do you do? Grab any excel sheet and start to work on gathering together hundreds and hundreds of employee names, sizes, and addresses? No way. Especially not with all the remote work going on nowadays. It can all be so simple with a pop up shop from Metron Branding.

What Exactly is a Pop-Up Shop/Employee Redemption Store?

A pop-up shop, also sometimes referred to as an employee redemption store in the B2B arena, is a temporary store used to easily handle events such as employee gifts or employee uniform ordering. A store is quickly created for you and can be locked to only allow entry if a password is entered, ensuring that only the right users are able to access the site. Furthermore, we can give the user the option to pay by credit card or simply select an item and have it billed to the company.

Pop-up shops are also a great way to test the waters before jumping into a full blown online company store. A successful pop-up shop can help push towards a larger store launch or more frequent giveaways, leading to happier employees and a more productive company.

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