Online Company Stores for Tourism & Hospitality – Best 3 Features

According to this U.S. Travel Association Fact Sheet, 9 million jobs in 2019 were directly supported by domestic and international travelers in the United States with a total of 15.8 million American jobs supported by the seventh largest employer in the private sector – travel. Just consider this list of things we found that are currently happening near us:

  • Fishing, Hunting, Wildlife and Fall Color Tours
  • Pumpkin Patches, Berry Picking, Hayrides, Corn Mazes
  • Haunted Houses
  • Sporting Events
  • Carnivals, Festivals, Oktoberfests

These tourist traps are but a fraction of how we might spend time to get one last adventure in as summer slips away and winter starts. And of course, getting to the adventure includes rides on airlines, in rental cars, and other means of transportation, as well as stays in hotels, motels, beds and breakfasts. Travelers make a lot of spending decisions over the course of their getaways, making it essential for companies in this industry to create customer experiences that command many happy returns.

BrandHub Online Company Stores for Tourism & Hospitality

There are many advantages to setting up online company stores for tourism & hospitality businesses. Here are 3 strategies for accentuating the impact branded promotional products will have on travelers:

1.) Turn a single visit into multiple interactions with your brand.

Extend the duration of how long visitors engage with your brand by including opportunities to order, upgrade, or win gifts and rewards before and after their visit by logging on to a branded online company store.

  • Get customers to pre-engage with your brand before they arrive by offering a special website where they can order from a menu of gifts that can be waiting for them upon their arrival. A luxurious branded bathrobe or blanket from Port Authority® with monogrammed initials, a food basket of delectable treats, or personal spa kit will all add a personalized touch to their experience. Whether they’re choosing or upgrading their experience, be sure to let them download custom social media graphics they can post in anticipation of their big trip.
  • Get customers to think about your brand again as they unpack from their visit and are reminded to redeem printed collateral with discounts and gift codes they earned at various locations and events. Or try a direct mailing campaign shortly after their visit for one last physical manifestation of your brand.
Online Company Stores for Tourism

2.) Streamline your HR process and motivate seasonal employees.

One of the best ways to create an indelible experience is with incredible service. However, by the very nature of this business, it is hard to get to know our seasonal helpers as well as we’d like. Thankfully, online company stores for employees are a great way to simplify and personalize a brand’s relationship with its team. Let them pick out their own new hire kits, motivational rewards, and thank you gifts based on a pre-determined budget from a list of items chosen to best reflect the brand.

3.) Simplify all promotional products activities with a single promotional products management portal.

BrandHub Online Company Stores are a promotional products management portal that simplifies the distribution of branded swag as well as printed or digital collateral and signage across multiple locations or events. Though rewarding guests with physical gifts that can be immediately enjoyed creates a memorable moment, they must then carry their gifts around and transport them back home at the end of their trip. Any items that don’t make the trip will end up getting tossed, which cuts against the very nature of why promotional products work. Encouraging guest participation with rewards that will be sent to their home later lets them continue to enjoy the moment now and the brand later. This hybrid approach also eases seasonal demand planning and storage costs while allowing vacationers the ability to personalize and choose their preferred rewards.

Incredible Rewards Distributed Easily

There are countless ways tourists can spend their time and money. Add a BrandHub Online Company Store to your marketing strategy and keep them thinking about your brand as they engage with it to continue earning their favorite promotional products. Contact us today or fill out this form for a free consultation.