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4 Important Online Company Store Reports Every Manager Should Use

Reporting is an important feature to have when it comes to online company stores. Having access to your online company store data gives you the tools to improve your store, whether it be increasing the max inventory of a product to keep up with constant demand or giving specific users promo codes to award them for being a top spender. We’ve gathered together 4 of the most important company store reports that our users use when analyzing their online company store data. Our reports also come downloadable as a .csv, so even something as simple as a list of users and orders can be much more powerful by using Excel or your favorite data processing program.

1. Order Reports

The basic order report is an essential part of any online company store report. It lets you view users and their respective orders, along with their order totals. Using this information, you can develop tactics for future promotions. For example, you can figure out the average order value and create a promo code for a value above the average order value; this will help push your average order value up and get your users to buy more.

online company store reports - order reports

2. Inventory Reports

Inventory reports are vital in ensuring proper inventory limits are being set in the system. Ideally, you’re already receiving inventory notifications when items are going low (a feature available in our online company stores!) If too many orders are coming through for a certain product and inventory keeps running out, it may be time to think about increasing maximums for that product. The best way to find out if that’s a good idea is by using an inventory report.

online company store reports - inventory report3. Shipment Reports

Keeping track of shipments is an important part of managing a company store. Using a shipment report, you can see all shipments for a period of time, giving you the ability to gauge how long the average shipment takes. Factors like order processing time, shipping speed selected, and the quantity of products all affect the final shipping time of the order. Finding optimizations in the shipping of your orders starts with utilizing a shipment report.

online company store reports - shipment reports

4. User Reports

Users are the lifeblood of an online company store. To keep your site active, it’s vital to pay attention to what your users are doing. With user reports, you can do just that. Checking user & group budgets and user group assignments often ensures your users or groups aren’t running out of budget.

online company store reports - user reportsThis post covers the top of the iceberg when it comes to online company store reports. Whether you’re looking to upgrade to a new online company store or are creating a new one, knowing what reports are important is a big timesaver. Get a company store consultation today to find out how an online store can help your company today.