Lumpy Mail Ideas That Grab Attention: Inexpensive Mailable Promotional Items

What is Lumpy Mail?

Lumpy mail ideas that grab attention are a highly effective direct mail technique that involves adding a bulky or lumpy 3D object to your mailer so it stands out. The added product is usually a small product sample or promotional product that the recipient can use in their daily life such as a jumbo paperclip featuring your company logo and colors. Ideally, the object will tie into the theme of your direct mail campaign.

Because of its unusual shape and heft, lumpy mail is unexpected and memorable. Lumpy mail is more interactive or engaging to open than flat direct mail. While lumpy mail costs more than traditional flat mail, it can be an effective way to communicate with hard-to-reach audiences and drive sales.

Does Lumpy Mail Work?

Lumpy mail works for two reasons:

  • Because lumpy mail envelopes and dimensional mailers like boxes and tubes can’t be stacked with other (flat) mail, they are more likely to be noticed by the recipient.
  • Lumpy mail grabs attention and sparks curiosity, a universal human trait. This means that lumpy mail appeals to just about anyone and everyone – including consumers who ignore or block digital ads and audiences who spend little time online.

Research indicates that lumpy mail is much more likely to be opened than a regular flat piece of direct mail. In fact, some direct mail marketing campaigns featuring lumpy mail get double digit response rates.

For best ROI, send lumpy mail to a highly targeted list of prospects or customers.

Inexpensive Lumpy Mail Ideas

The best 3D object for a lumpy mail campaign will depend on your campaign objectives, target audience, and budget. In general, the best lumpy mail products are product samples or small, lightweight promotional products. These items can be purchased in bulk and customized with your company logo and colors. They also cost less to ship than more expensive direct mail gifts like swag packs.

Widely appealing mailable promotional items that can be used by most people in their everyday lives also generate ad impressions that increase the return on your investment.

Effective lumpy mail ideas include useful promotional items like:

Lumpy Mail Ideas - Keychain

Other inexpensive mailable promotional items for lumpy mail campaigns include:

Money Clips & Phone Wallets

Advertise a sales promotion with a money holder like a custom phone wallet. For a more creative direct mail campaign idea, wrap a tri-fold leaflet made to look like a currency note in an engraved money clip.

Lumpy Mail Ideas - Money Clip

Luggage Tags & Handle Grips

Custom luggage tags and luggage handle grips are ideal for advertising travel promotions.

Lumpy Mail Ideas - Luggage Tag

Can Cooler Sleeves & Drink Coasters

Drinkware accessories like beverage insulator sleeves and coasters are mailable promotional products that have mass appeal. Trendy options that provide a colorful canvas for your company logo include slim can insulators, long neck bottle covers, and puffy fabric coasters.

Lumpy Mail Ideas - Coasters

Exercise Bands

Exercise bands like resistance bands or stretch bands are an economical lumpy mail idea for businesses that provide health and wellness services.

Lumpy Mail Ideas - Exercise Bands

Generate Ad Impressions with Mailable Promotional Items

People hate ads – but love gifts. In fact, promotional products are the most highly regarded form of advertising in North America.

Utilizing promotional products in your interactive direct mail campaign is a smart way to connect with hard-to-reach audiences including:

  • senior contacts in large companies and organizations
  • consumers who tune out and/or physically avoid ads

Grab their attention – and increase the ROI of your next mail campaign – with lumpy mail ideas featuring mailable promotional items that deliver valuable ad impressions.

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