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High End Promotional Products: Make your Brand Stand Out with these Excellent Products

As a marketing person, it’s important to make sure your brand stands out among the competition. Promotional products are a great way to do this and if you want to really make your brand shine, you’ll choose some high end promotional products. We’ve chosen some of our best products to help your search.

A high-quality, long-lasting jacket

The best way to make a lasting impression with a promotional product is by giving something that will help your end user. When the cold weather starts coming, you want a dependable, comfortable, and warm jacket to help you get to places. A long-lasting jacket that’ll protect you from the elements, like the Bridgewater Roots73 Jacket (also available in Women’s) will delight anyone from your top employees to an important client you want to win over.

high end promotional products mens roots jacket
high end promotional products womens roots jacket

An excellent set of glasswear

Glasses are being taken out and drinks are being poured. But what is it that sticks out about these glasses? An etched logo on each glass. Next thing you know, that brand etched onto the glass is on your mind. That’s the power of high end promotional products. Glass sets such as the 5 piece etched decanter set and the double barrel mason jar gift set are a great option in this category.

high end promotional products decanter set
high end promotional products mason jar set

A top of the line tech item

People love being on the forefront of tech. A product like the Sonosphear Bluetooth speaker or the ifidelity Wireless Speaker and TruWireless Earbuds combines a high quality tech item with an eye-catching, brand-focused design. Giving a cutting edge tech product shows that you’re a modern company. It also says you care about keeping up with new things, with both being good signs to show to employees and clients. It’s important to keep in mind the use case for a tech product. If you know someone has an iPhone, it doesn’t make sense to give them a USB-C cable.

high end promotional products sonosphear speaker
high end promotional products ifidelity headphones

Looking for more high end promotional products? Get your promotional project started today and learn how easy Metron Branding can make it for you.