Ensure Your Company Merchandise Store Succeeds with these 5 Tips

You finally got a brand new company merchandise store up and running, with all the bells and whistles. Approval rules, reporting features, the whole nine yards. But there are still steps that you, and your company store team, need to take in order to ensure your store continues to be used by your employees. Check below to see our list of 5 tips for your online company store.

1. Ask for Feedback

As a manager, you may use your online company store everyday yet still not be able to identify helpful changes that can be made. By asking your fellow employees, you can see what works and what doesn’t. Anything from what products are awesome to what new payment options need to be introduced can be gleaned from talking to your employees that are using the store and learning from them. A warning before proceeding: don’t go overboard with this. It’s just not practical to ask every single customer of your store for their detailed feedback and be able to react to it. That’s where data comes in.

2. Analyze. Everything.

Analytics are the lifeblood of any successful ecommerce store, especially for a company merchandise store.  For example, a client had a store filled with all sorts of apparel and promotional products that wasn’t selling at all. Rather than waste space and muddy the store catalog, we were able to take a look at the data, realize that they weren’t selling and make a decision to remove them. By having the data to make that decision, the store was tidied up and easier to navigate. Unfortunately, this led to a lack of products on the store, which leads us on to our next point…

3. Keep your Products Fresh and Varied

A company merchandise store that doesn’t get new products or content is a boring company merchandise store. Always be on the lookout for new products and content that will be useful to store visitors, as that can help bump up site engagement and satisfaction. Make sure you choose a company that’s always up to offer new ideas and suggestions for your store, like Metron Branding is.

4. Don’t Run Out of Inventory

One of the most annoying things you can run into as a customer is running into out-of-stock products. You spend all that time looking for the right item, finally find it, and are heartbroken to see that it’s not in stock. As a manager, it’s important to guarantee your products are always well-stocked. Most online company stores will have the option to set inventory notification points that will alert you when an item’s inventory has hit a certain amount. Regardless, it takes smart planning and constant optimization to truly get your inventory in the right place, making it a top priority when it comes to a company merchandise store.

5. Strive for the Best Company Merchandise Store

This is the point that I can’t stress enough. In a way, it’s a combination of all the above and more. Too many companies will start working on getting a company merchandise store up and running but they won’t go all in. And their employees will take notice.  Products that users want will be missing, or the site is clunky and hard to navigate, or the images and products are boring and low-quality. Go the extra mile when it comes to your company merchandise store and your employees will notice. You’ll see them walking around wearing some cool branded swag and you know it’s because they saw it on the site.

Interested in starting a company merchandise store? If you’re looking for a company that wants to work with you to see your store grow and succeed, get yours started today or contact Metron Branding for more information!