8 Employee Welcome Kit Ideas for New Hires in 2022

Employee welcome kits are increasingly popular with large corporations and small businesses alike. An effective employee welcome kit for 2022 will help make your new hires and summer interns feel like a part of the team from day 1. We’ve put together a guide to building and customizing the best employee welcome kits – including eight ideas for employee welcome gifts to inspire your new hires in 2022.

What is an Employee Welcome Kit?

An employee welcome kit – also known as a new hire kit or an employee swag box or swag pack – is a bundle or kit of customized gifts that will help make your new hire (whether an intern or seasoned talent) feel like a valued member of the team. An effective new hire welcome kit will make their first day great – while also promoting a positive company culture.

What Should I Include in an Employee Welcome Kit?

Employee welcome kits typically contain an array of useful items that have been customized with your company logo and colors. Popular customizable items for an employee welcome kit include:

Some additional items that can be included in an employee welcome kit:

What do the Best Employee Welcome Kits have in Common?

They promote team identity – an employee welcome kit usually contains practical welcome gifts for new employees that can be used at work, like branded drinkware and logoed shirts. Most – if not all – items should be screen printed or embroidered with your company logo and colors. Why? Because branded swag helps promote team identity, serving as a visual reminder that your employee is part of a unified team of professionals working together to support your company’s mission and goals. Incorporating branded swag into your onboarding process is a powerful way to inspire and motivate new hires. The aim should always be to help a new hire feel like a vital part of a corporate team.

They include fewer, higher quality goods – the best employee welcome kits emphasize quality over quantity. Instead of small, generic trinkets like keychains and cheap, off-brand earbuds, gifting higher quality, name brand products known to last – like Moleskine notebooks, MiiR tumblers, and jackets by The North Face – is a great way to build enthusiasm and promote team identity right from the start.

They’re Instagram ready – a welcome package should be functional and attractive; the best employee welcome kits utilize custom branded packaging to provide a delightful unboxing experience and encourage social engagement on sites like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Employee Welcome Kit Examples

Some of our favorite employee welcome kits for 2022 feature in-demand tech products like wireless speakers and headphones. Some examples include:

employee welcome kit for new hires

Welcome Kit #1

Welcome Kit #2

Welcome Kit #3 ➤

Some great employee welcome kit options for onboarding remote employees in 2022:

Mobile Office Essentials Gift Set


Some inexpensive – yet still useful and attractive – new employee welcome gift options include:

First Day Gift Set

Warm Welcome Gift Set with Snack

Jumpstart Gift Set with Charging Cable

Build your Own Custom Employee Welcome Kits!

The best thing about employee welcome kits is that they can be completely customized to include any bundle of personalized items you’d like to gift to your employees. Some large corporations include books written by the company founder in their employee welcome kits. Others add handwritten welcome notes. The packaging is completely customizable as well – from reusable tote bags to eco-friendly Kraft gift boxes – and can display your company logo and colors as well as custom designs like branded hashtags used by your business.

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