3 Key Features of a Modern Employee Rewards Catalog

An employee rewards catalog is a curated selection of incentive gifts that employees can choose from based on their personal interests and needs. Employee rewards catalogs are used to distribute flexible rewards and incentives to employees. They are utilized in corporate employee training, recognition, and incentive programs across the world. Different tiers of rewards can be redeemed in an employee rewards catalog, which is useful for companies that have a points-based rewards system.

The Evolution of Employee Rewards Catalogs

Employee rewards catalogs have been around for a long time. At the end of the 20th century, most catalogs were brought online to conserve paper.

Today, most employee rewards catalogs are completely customizable and available 24/7 online.

Besides being better for the environment, online employee rewards catalogs are more robust, scalable, and accessible. They provide a far better usability experience for employees. Navigation and search features aside, online employee rewards catalogs provide a wider selection of rewards than paper catalogs. They also offer more customization options and can be quickly updated any time a change is needed.

What the Best Employee Rewards Catalogs Have in Common

To get the most out of your employee rewards program, you’ll need a modern employee rewards catalog that meets the needs of your entire organization. Key features of a 21st century employee rewards catalog include:

#1 – A modern employee rewards catalog provides access to a wide range of desirable rewards including:

  • experiential gift cards;
  • custom branded apparel in inclusive sizes;
  • gourmet sweet and savory snacks;
  • the latest tech gadgets;
  • name brand drinkware, bags & sports gear.

The opportunity to choose your own rewards – from a broad selection of high-quality incentives – provides a more memorable experience that will mean more to your employees than generic and impersonal gifts like service pins and certificates.

Tangible Rewards for Employee Rewards Catalog

Most people prefer having choices because it makes us feel in control. Research indicates that providing a wide range of reward redemption options through a points-based reward program leads to higher employee engagement and intrinsic motivation.

#2 – A modern employee rewards catalog provides access to both tangible rewards and experiences.

Top performing companies in highly competitive industries understand the importance of providing flexible employee rewards and incentives.

Both high-quality tangible rewards (that will be used for years) and experiential rewards (like tickets to sports and cultural events) can lead to increased employee engagement and higher organizational identification. Tangible rewards provide a physical reminder of an achievement while experiential rewards provide experiences (such as luxury trips) that create lasting memories.

Including both tangible gifts and experiential gift cards and travel vouchers in your employee award catalog is the best way to ensure everyone gets what they want.

#3 – A modern employee rewards catalog is customized, curated, and online.

An online employee rewards catalog ensures your employees have access to a carefully curated and regularly updated collection of the latest apparel and accessory styles as well as the trendiest tech and wellness products.

Making sure your collection of flexible employee rewards is customized to fit the needs of your company ensures the success of your employee recognition and rewards program. An online rewards catalog that is frequently updated also helps increase engagement and interest in your rewards program.

Motivate your Employees with Meaningful, Personalized Rewards

Letting your employees choose their own incentive gifts makes it easy to provide an equitable and engaging employee rewards program.

An online employee rewards catalog is the most cost-effective and equitable way to motivate and incentivize your employees with meaningful rewards that meet their interests and preferences.

The BrandHub company store platform is an online employee rewards catalog solution that is 100% customizable and mobile-friendly.  With a BrandHub site, we handle all sourcing, decorating, packaging, and distribution of employee rewards and incentives.

Key BrandHub platform features include:

  • Promo codes – which make it easy for employees to redeem rewards.
  • Reports and analytics – to track spending and optimize site performance.
  • API integration – to connect your company catalog to other software and systems.

Custom catalog development includes responsive design, easy scalability, and industry-leading security and uptime.

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