10 Employee Birthday Gift Ideas So Fun They’ll Feel Like a Kid Again

We’re always on the lookout for exceptional employee birthday gift ideas. Thoughtful, joyful, and fun gifts capable of surprising and delighting your employees on special occasions like birthdays and work anniversaries can be difficult to find. The best birthday gifts for employees are a bit whimsical and completely memorable – capable of making anyone feel valued and appreciated.

That’s why we put together a list of extraordinary employee birthday gift ideas that will evoke a sense of childhood wonder on their special day.

10 Fun Employee Gifts for Birthdays, Work Anniversaries & Other Celebrations

Employee Birthday Gift Ideas - Scoops

10. Scoops & Sprinkles Gift Box

Available in 3 sizes, the Scoops & Sprinkles gift box includes designer sprinkles, cones, and sauces for ice cream – along with a customized stainless-steel ice cream scoop. Everything comes packaged in a festive, customizable sound-chip enabled gift box with a personalized card.

Employee Birthday Gift Ideas - Speakeasy

9. Speakeasy Gift Box

This clever speakeasy-themed gift bundle for employees & clients comes packaged in a customizable black, silver, and gold art deco motif gift box with a “secret panel” you can slide to reveal the goodies hidden inside.

The Speakeasy gift box is available in 3 sizes: Regular, Deluxe, or Light. Each version includes a 6-pack of Herb & Lou’s Old Fashioned Infused Ice Cubes, a Luxe Flask that can be customized with your company logo, Grey Ghost Bakery Chocolate Bourbon Cookies, Jacobsen Salt Co. Salty Caramels, and a personalized gift card.

The deluxe box features an extra six-pack of infused cocktail ice cubes (in a different flavor, of course). The regular and deluxe boxes also include Portland Soda Works Beverage Mixers, for exquisite at-home cocktails.

Employee Birthday Gift Ideas - Tablet

8. LCD Writing & Drawing Tablet

This custom e-note and drawing tablet is essentially a grown up Etch A Sketch just made for brain-boosting doodling at your desk. An LCD writing and drawing tablet saves paper while serving as a fun outlet for creativity. It’s an inexpensive, eco-friendly, and nostalgic gift idea that will help your employees get in touch with their inner child.

Employee Birthday Gift Ideas - pbj

7. Sweet N Smooth Gift Bag

This charming, retro gift bag is all about everyone’s favorite childhood lunch: PB & J. Included in the trendy insulated Retro Kraft Luncher bag is artisan peanut butter from Big Spoon Roasters; Oswald Co.’s gourmet raspberry chia smash jam; and a marble-pattern slim silicone spatula. This quirky gift bag comes packaged with a retail-inspired hang tag and personalized gift card. The deluxe version includes additional goodies (a Classic Rice Crispy Treat from Byrd’s Cookie Company, Dark Chocolate Apple & Granola Cookies from Little Apple Treats – plus a Little Sipper Collapsible Straw).

Employee Birthday Gift Ideas - Fire

6. Cuisinart Petite Tabletop Fire Bowl

This unique customizable corporate gift is perfect for summer birthday celebrations. The mesmerizing Petite Tabletop Fire Bowl by Cuisinart will help turn their outdoor space into a relaxing retreat while also repelling mosquitoes and insects. A ceramic fiber cotton wick provides a beautiful flame with a continuous burn. Simply add citronella or bioethanol fuel and light the wick. This small-scale fire pit will burn for several hours, without giving off any smoke, soot, or ash.

Employee Birthday Gift Ideas - Breakfast

5. White Sonora Wheat Pancake Mix: Deluxe Gift Box

Who doesn’t love breakfast? This mouth-watering gift box features gourmet breakfast treats like White Sonora Pancake mix, wood-fired Amber maple syrup, scratch-made honey peanut butter, organic granola, anti-inflammatory herbal tea, and raw Acacia honey straws. Also included: a marble pattern silicone spatula & Luxe Oven Mitt – both of which can be personalized with your corporate logo.

This breakfast-themed gourmet gift box will make an especially great corporate birthday gift for the foodies in your office, who will absolutely appreciate this display of artisan brands like Hayden Flour Mills, Bobo’s Mountain Sugar, Big Spoon Roasters, Big Heart Tea Co., Banner Road Baking Company, and Savannah Bee Company. This deluxe bundle of artisanal treats is packaged in a custom gift box with personalized card.

Employee Birthday Gift Ideas - Aurabox

4.  Aurabox 3.0

The Aurabox is many things: a powerful, portable Bluetooth wireless speaker; a smart alarm and social media desktop notification system; and a programmable LED light cube (aka a high tech Lite-Brite). With app control for colorful pixel art creation and animation and a built-in microphone for hands free calling, this smart LED speaker is fun and multifunctional. Play music from the radio or stream music from your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Use the free Divoom Aurabox app to choose different pixel animations from the gallery to display while listening to music – or create your own custom animations. This highly entertaining device can also be programmed to work as a weather, event, and social media notification system and alarm clock.

An Aurabox is also included in our Wow Kit.

Employee Birthday Gift Ideas - Cookies

3. Cookies + Crumbs Gift Box

A sweet themed gift for office workers, featuring gourmet cookies and a mini desktop vacuum. Included: Legally Addictive Surprise Party (cookies made from crackers, salted handmade toffee, ethically sourced chocolate, all topped with rainbow sprinkles and sea salt) and other gourmet cookies from Grey Ghost Bakery, Byrd’s Cookie Company, and Persephone Bakery. A personalizable Crumbee Desktop Vacuum to sweep up the crumbs completes the extra cute Cookies & Crumbs theme, along with a customizable gift box with gift card.

Employee Birthday Gift Ideas - Yay

2. Yay, You! Gift Box

Featuring a variety of delectable treats and a 3-pack of celebration pins, this colorful and fun gift box will remind them of a birthday goodie bag. Decadent sweets like The Konery Birthday Cake Ice Cream Cones, Sugar & Spun Birthday Cake Cotton Candy, Wondermade Birthday Cake Marshmallows, and Byrd’s Cookie Company Cupcake Rice Crispy Treat make this a delicious corporate gift option for birthdays and other special occasions.

The deluxe edition also includes Legally Addictive Surprise Party and Fancy Sprinkles Hopscotch Sprinkles. Everything is packaged in customizable box with a personalized card.

Employee Gift Choice Redemption Store

1. Choose your Own Gift

Whether your budget is $15, $50, or $200, letting your employees select their own gifts for birthdays, work anniversaries, and other milestones is the most cost-effective and stress-free way to ensure their birthday is truly a day of celebration. Just present them with a handwritten card featuring a promo code to your online company store and watch them bask in the delight of choosing their own gift.

The Best Employee Birthday Gift Ideas for Any Budget

When it comes to celebrating employee birthdays, consistently adhering to your workplace policies regarding employee birthday celebrations is important. You should always make sure your employees are comfortable with celebrating their birthday at work and make sure gifts are tailored to their personal preferences and dietary restrictions. That’s why an employee redemption store (aka online company store) is one of the best choices for office birthday parties and other employee celebrations.

Popular employee gift options for birthdays, work anniversaries, and other occasions that your team members can choose from in your online company store include:

  • corporate apparel like jackets and performance wear
  • restaurant or retail gift cards
  • custom gift boxes and gift baskets
  • health & wellness items

With an online company store, there is no need to worry about accidently offending someone, ruining their diet – or giving them something too boring and impersonal. By setting budgets, you’ll avoid spending more on one employee than others, as well. Our BrandHub company store platform also automates and simplifies the process of distributing gifts to remote employees, since we take care of the time-consuming process of customizing, packaging, and shipping orders for you.

For additional employee birthday gift ideas, check out our guide to Unique Employee Appreciation Gifts.

Contact Metron Branding for assistance with selecting the best custom birthday gifts for your employees or to learn more about our BrandHub company store platform.