Creating the Best New Hire Kit for your Employees

When it comes to creating a new hire kit, it’s important to keep these three things in mind.

  1. Understand what your future employees would want
  2. Creative products that stay on-brand
  3. Easy pain-free process

Following these steps will help you build an awesome new hire kit that will wow new employees and definitely make your current ones jealous they didn’t get anything!

Understand what your future employees would want

It wouldn’t make sense to get someone who’s gonna be in an office all day a backpack. It also wouldn’t make sense to give someone a t-shirt when it’s snowing outside. When building a kit, make sure you’re thinking about your worker’s needs and seasonal trends.

Creative products that meet brand guidelines

You can’t pick something that’s red, it has to be #EF3E36. And there’s no way your company logo can stay the same when switching from a white background to a black background. It can be annoying to have to meet all the requirements set by corporate brand guidelines, but that doesn’t mean your products have to suffer for it. Despite being limited to certain colors and products, you can still make a great, creative new hire kit.

Easy pain-free process

New hire kits are a great way to get new employees started on the right page and are an important part of the on-boarding process. But you shouldn’t be spending hours and hours a week setting them up. It’s important to have a detailed process written out that covers how to create and build out a new hire kit. This should include, but is not limited to:

  • Acquiring products
  • Artwork design
  • Writing out copy (if necessary)
  • Combining products and building out the kits

But let’s say you’re constantly hiring new employees or don’t have time to spend to make a new hire kit to meet company guidelines. What do you do then?  Get your project started with Metron Branding and no messing around with having to figure out how to ship everything to one place or managing inventory of products. We take care of all the hard stuff, all you do is pick product and provide artwork and guidelines.