Creating a Recognizable Brand

In today’s global market, how do you separate your business from the crowd and make it stand out? By making it an easily recognizable brand; here are some tips.

Find a niche

If you are operating in a crowded marketplace then it can be tough to set yourself apart from the opposition and get your brand noticed. One of the best ways to be different is to find a niche that no one has yet discovered or mastered. If you can establish your organization as the best place to go to in a particular field, then you’ve got a winner. Once you have built a great reputation in a particular field, you will find that new business and customers will come looking for you.

Send out the right message

People often take things at face value, so image is hugely important. Things like your location, your logo, your website – these are all part of the message you are sending to potential clients and customers.


It may be a very old-fashioned concept, but one of the best ways to get yourself noticed is to get out there and network. Business has always been based on making personal contacts, and one of the most effective ways to reach a wide audience in a short space of time is by building up an address book. If you’re not talking about your business nobody else will, so get out there and start making those connections.

Prove your Quality

It may sound obvious but to be able to create a top brand, you have to have the products and services to back up the marketing. Whatever field you are operating in, take a close look at what your rivals are doing and then go all out to provide a better service than them. Customers will always go for the best value goods, and if you can establish yourself as the leader in your marketplace then your offer will speak for itself. Remember, good marketing on its own will only ever work in the short term and is worthless without the right product.

Use the Internet

The advent of the Internet has been one the biggest game changers the business world has seen since the Industrial Revolution. The opportunities offered by the Internet are endless, from social media to blogging to search engine optimization. One of the best things about the Internet is that it is virtually free and you can market directly to your customer base. Any business, large or small, should be making full use of every opportunity that is available out there on the Web.