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Metron can help you do all of the above with our corporate programs!
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Recognizing employees for their hard work is essential! Not only is it good manners, it is good business. Metron can help tailor your recognition program to meet your needs now and in the future. Our programs include point or currency based platforms and are customized to meet your needs.

Service Awards

Service awards are a great way to thank loyal employees. Awarding for milestones met help to retain employees. Today with the cost of hiring and training new employees, it just makes sense! Metron’s services will help you streamline the selection process and offer personalization services.


Providing incentives for your employees to run that extra mile may be your answer to lower the overall health costs in your company. Helping your employees with their health will not only help them in their own life, but their effectiveness at work will help your profits rise!


Employees are motivated by appreciation. We can help you develop an employee motivation program that implements this idea into the daily operation of your organization. Ideally, an employee motivation program attracts, inspires, and sustains outstanding employees.


Safety incentive programs are a profitable way to increase employee morale and productivity, while reducing down time due to injury and accidents. Our “Safety Points” program is an excellent way for employers and managers to reward employees for safe working practices.


Strengthen your brand image with uniformity! Metron’s uniform programs help to decrease your company’s admin time. We handle the details for you like providing sizing samples, rolling racks for display, and individual bagging and labeling by employee for easy distribution.

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