Building Relationships Through Gifts

Showing appreciation, whether to your clients or employees, is essential in maintaining strong relationships. Gift-giving provides an invaluable vehicle for thanking your customers and rewarding your employees. The purpose of a gift is to build relationships and show appreciation. Businesses have the opportunity to reflect their quality products and service with quality gifts and when done right, it increases connections between people and increases positive associations in your business. In other words, the higher the perceived value of a gift, the more your customers and employees will respect, recognize, remember, be appreciative and refer to you in the future.

In addition, research has shown that gifts that are useful are most often remembered. Think about what gifts can reflect about you and your company. Does it make more sense to give a gift that can be used in the office or at home? Does it make sense to give a gift that reflects your most recent initiative such as something eco-friendly? Does it make sense to give a gift that is specific to that client for a special occasion? Think about these things when selecting a gift for your clients and employees.