Increase Productivity in Manufacturing – Top 3 BrandHub Online Company Stores Features for Manufacturers

BrandHub Online Company Stores offer so much more than a just way to distribute promotional products to customers and employees. The many different features of an online company store platform can help any type of business – including companies in the manufacturing industry – streamline various workflows, boost employee morale and increase employee productivity. Many core departments in a manufacturing business – such as HR, sales and marketing, and health and safety – can all benefit from the implementation of an online company store for employees.

The top 3 BrandHub Online Company Store features for Manufacturers

3.) Streamline the sourcing, ordering and distribution of employee uniforms, safety apparel and accessories for all employees in your manufacturing business – from front office staff to production workers.

For many types of businesses, employees outfitted in clean, well-fitting uniforms are productive employees. In a manufacturing company, properly outfitting your employees in industrial uniforms and safety gear also helps keep your employees safe. From company uniforms to ANSI rated safety vests and jackets to cloth face masks, hand sanitizer stations and sneeze guards for the break room, Metron Branding can help you source and distribute the safety apparel and accessories that you need to avoid costly OSHA fines and Covid-19 outbreaks in your facilities.

A BrandHub Online Company Store from Metron Branding simplifies the process of ordering and distributing company uniforms, safety apparel and accessories as well as office items, such as writing instruments, desk items, drinkware, and tech accessories. Our platform makes inventory management and distribution easy, helping your manufacturing business save staff time and money on sourcing, ordering, receiving, and storing these items. You place a stocking order, we receive it, store it for you, then ship it out whenever an order is placed. We provide you with multiple reports to show you inventory counts, restocking points, and more. Lower inventory and direct shipment from a single location will simplify the management of your uniform budgets and spending.

2.) Use corporate gifts to increase the effectiveness of your training and development programs.

Learning contests are an essential component of many corporate training and development program these days, including workplace safety training programs – especially for manufacturing businesses that understand the benefits of cutting-edge employee training strategies such as gamification of learning. Gamification of learning is an increasingly common way for companies in manufacturing industries to continuously improve worker knowledge and skills – and, consequently, increase employee productivity.

Game-based learning provides workers with regular interactive learning opportunities and provides extrinsic motivation in the form of points, badges, and gifts. Using an online company store to distribute tangible rewards, such as company branded apparel and tech gifts, to your employees will help increase the effectiveness of your corporate training and development programs and employee incentive programs. An online company store makes it easy to distribute corporate swag and gift cards to motivate your hard-working employees, boost worker morale, and significantly increase employee productivity. According to the Incentive Research Foundation, “If selected, implemented, and monitored correctly, incentive programs — with awards in the form of money or tangible awards — increase performance by an average of 22 percent. Team incentives can increase performance by as much as 44 percent.”

With a Metron BrandHub Online Company Store, you gain access to a variety of methods that will help you give your employees the incentives they need to be happier – and more productive – workers. Promo codes, spending accounts and gift cards can all be easily set for company, group, or user specific values in your online company store, allowing you to adjust your reward for specific workers or divisions.

1.) Improve sales team productivity with customizable marketing materials including variable data products.

More than just a place to make branded merchandise available to employees and customers, an online company store is also an easy-to-use marketing digital asset management platformcapable of distributing curated collections of customizable marketing materials to sales teams and clients. This includes digital assets such as email banners, videos, digital flyers, and branded social media templates. You can create categories of digital files in your online company store and restrict access to specific assets based on login credentials.

Variable Data Business Card Distribution

An online company store also makes it easy for your marketing and sales team members to utilize variable data printing. Variable data products give your employees the ability to create their own custom print products by swapping out elements such as text or images. Variable data works great with sales sheets and spec flyers. It allows a sales rep to attach their unique SKU numbers and contact information to ensure they get their commission for a sale. Other variable data products that our customers like to add to their online company stores include business cards and signs.

Using an online company store to enable your manufacturing sales team to quickly produce customized marketing materials is a great way to remain competitive in today’s increasingly virtual sales environment. Arm your manufacturing marketing and sales team with the technology and tools they need to be as productive and successful as possible. This includes digital assets and variable data products that can be easily managed via an online company store.

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