Brand Refresh Announcement Examples that Emphasize Story & Visual Identity

A brand refresh shouldn’t be a secret from your employees or customers.

That’s why one of the final steps of your brand refresh checklist – the brand refresh announcement – is a crucial one. Figuring out how to effectively announce a brand refresh or rebranding to your employees, customers, and the world at large should never be an afterthought.

How Do You Announce a Brand Refresh?

To communicate important information about your brand refresh to your employees, consider an internal branding campaign.

To communicate the objective and story behind your brand refresh to your customers, use a mix of press releases, website announcements, email announcements, social media announcements, and direct mail campaigns.

Incorporating your new visual identity into your external announcement is extremely important. So is emphasizing the story behind your brand refresh. That’s why companies should consider utilizing one or more of the following when announcing a brand refresh or rebranding:

  • multimedia news release
  • video announcement
  • social media teaser campaign
  • promotional products campaign

These brand refresh examples demonstrate how to share your brand refresh objectives with your customers, while also emphasize your brand story and updated visual identity.

UXCam’s “A New Era” Brand Refresh Announcement

A successful brand refresh announcement should incorporate compelling visual content to succinctly tell your brand’s story – and outline your company’s objectives for the future. A brand refresh announcement should also emphasize your brand’s ongoing, renewed commitment to customer service and satisfaction.

UXCam, an analytics solution for mobile apps, completed a brand refresh in March 2022. The brand refresh announcement they published on their website utilized colorful graphics to outline the changes they made to their brand logo and visual identity as well as the steps they took to decide on a new logo design. These visual elements helped UXCam demonstrate how their brand refresh represents a “new era” for their business as they transition from startup to established tech company.

UXCam also created a brand refresh video announcement for social media channels like Twitter. Like their website announcement, this video used visual storytelling to communicate the objective of UXCam’s brand refresh to their customer base and audience:

Banana Republic’s “The New Look” Rebranding Announcement

A successful brand refresh announcement tells the story of who you are now with a nod to who you were. That’s exactly what American clothing brand Banana Republic accomplished with their Fall 2021 marketing campaign which introduced a visual refresh for their brand dubbed “The New Look.”

To announce their new brand identity, positioning, and brand promise in September 2021, Banana Republic used an interactive multimedia news release. Incorporating photos and video into their press release helped create a compelling story around their brand refresh (which was actually closer to a full rebranding). By highlighting new styles representative of their refreshed brand identity (a return to their roots as a safari and travel lifestyle brand) through powerful visual imagery, Banana Republic garnered valuable publicity on social media and in media publications like Forbes and The Wall Street Journal.

Banana Republic also used a social media teaser campaign to engage their customers prior to their rebranding launch. In March of 2021, they used an intriguing, cryptic Instagram post (“The Journey Continues”) to begin building up excitement for their rebrand. The caption for their rebranding announcement on Instagram stated: “Welcome to a new adventure. We’re excited for many explorations ahead as we discover modern ways of redefining luxury. We invite you to stay tuned for more on this account.”

Brand Refresh Announcement Examples that Emphasize Story & Visual Identity 1

Metron Branding’s “Black and White” Brand Refresh Announcement

A rebrand or brand refresh is the perfect opportunity to reach out to your customers in a meaningful way.

That’s why, prior to our own recent brand refresh in May 2022, we sent cards announcing our new look as well as a bundle of promotional products to our customers. This direct mail announcement outlined our logic for choosing a more minimalist and modern logo, brand mark, and brand colors.

Metron Branding Brand Refresh Announcement

As a creative promotional marketing firm that specializes in branded merchandise and online company stores, it was important that the new colors we chose to represent our brand (black and white) look great both on screen and in print. The branded merch that we sent to our customers as part of our brand announcement helped our customers visualize our updated brand identity.

Brand Refresh Announcement shirts
Brand Refresh Announcement Examples that Emphasize Story & Visual Identity 2

Like Banana Republic, we also used a social media teaser campaign to engage our customers ahead of our brand refresh and website redesign. A social media teaser campaign is an effective way to visually tell the story behind your brand refresh or rebranding. It also can help your marketing team explain how a refresh or rebranding represents your brand’s growth or repositioning – and commitment to meeting the evolving needs of your customers and target market.

LinkedIn brand refresh announcement
Linked In brand refresh announcement

For a Successful Brand Refresh Announcement, Start Early and Keep the Conversation Going

From press releases and website announcements to direct mail campaigns, there are a lot of ways to reveal your brand refresh. You should always communicate the change internally with your employees first and make sure they understand your objectives. You can then utilize interactive media and videos, as well as emails and direct mail campaigns, to connect with your customers and share your news with the world. Customers should always be notified ahead of your launch/before making a public announcement.

Because your brand refresh or rebrand is a big deal, you should feel free to talk about it for a while! Do not focus all of your resources on creating a perfect announcement post. Instead, work towards making your brand refresh the center of the conversation for several days or weeks. Make sure to use the weeks following your brand relaunch as a time to reach out to your customers on social media; offer free trials to prospective customers; and offer small gifts or incentives to loyal customers.

Consider boosting brand engagement and loyalty by sending your customers some free merch featuring your updated brand identity. Kits or bundles of promotional products, aka swag packs, are especially effective customers gifts for celebrating/commemorating a brand refresh or rebranding. After all, a great swag pack encourages social media sharing and user-generated content like unboxing videos.

Brand Refresh Announcement instagram

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