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5 Online Company Store Promotion Ideas 1

5 Online Company Store Promotion Ideas

As a tangible reminder of your brand, promotional merchandise is a staple in promotional campaigns and events. Yet many B2C businesses - food and restaurant brands, in particular - are increasingly interested in selling (rather than just giving away) promotional products to their customers via...

Rebranding Launch Success - Brand Identity

Marketing Collateral and your Rebranding Launch: a Quick Guide

Successful rebranding launches require disciplined project management that carefully directs the timely completion of many variables to deliver on an all-important "wow factor" reveal. A brand’s identity is made up of visible elements and if any element is not done correctly, it will stand out....

construction promotional items strategies

Construction Promotional Items and Trends in 2021

Construction promotional items are a cost-effective way to build brand awareness in a way that people actually enjoy, helping construction companies to smooth over the ups and downs of industry demand. In down months, when fewer people need construction services, branded products are a great...

Health and Wellness Promotional Items for Healthcare Providers 2

Health and Wellness Promotional Items for Healthcare Providers

Health and wellness promotional items have never been more popular. Promotional product sales in the healthcare market increased by 4% in 2020. During the first half of 2021, stickers, buttons and syringe-shaped pens were commonly used as promotional giveaways at Covid-19 vaccination drives to help...

Recruitment Gifts Improves Hiring

Recruitment Gifts and Company Swag Improve Employee Hiring and Retention

Savvy businesses understand that promotional products can help increase brand awareness and improve customer loyalty and consumer engagement. They also know that promotional products go a long way towards helping motivate and retain a talented, highly productive workforce. Branded company swag like apparel and accessories,...

Social Media Growth with Brand Hub

Social Media Growth with Brand Hub Online Company Stores

Social media growth is an important goal for digital marketers because social media marketing works. In fact, top marketers participating in the 2021 26th edition of The CMO Survey indicated that social media marketing’s contribution to their company’s performance saw an increase of 17.7% in...