The Advantages of Monitoring Employee Motivation

Business owners can use incentive programs, rewards, changes in the work environment and company policy changes to improve the motivation and morale among workers. Incentive programs can include company outings and parties, bonuses, gifts and awards for recognition. Additional methods for employee motivation include training programs and employee improvement teams.


Monitoring employee motivation allows business owners to determine if incentive programs are working effectively. Businesses invest time and money in incentive programs, which should provide benefits to the company. Businesses can use surveys through research agencies to calculate the results of an incentive program. The assessment should allow employees to remain anonymous to promote openness and trust in the survey. Telephone and online surveys allow workers to express their opinions without fear.

Change Reward Programs

Assessing an incentive program allows the employer to change the reward system. When a business invests in an incentive or bonus program, it is necessary to ensure the investment pays off. When the expected increases in employee motivation and morale do not occur, the business owner has an opportunity to modify or discontinue the program. Monitoring the motivation of employees also provides the business owner with a chance to determine which aspects of an incentive and morale-boosting program work. For example, the assessment may find that training programs provide more motivation among workers than monetary rewards.

Employee Feedback

Assessments that monitor employee motivation allow workers to weigh in on incentive programs. Allowing workers to participate in the incentive programs a business offers can give workers motivation, as well. While workers provide the business with valuable information on incentive programs, the assessments also show workers their opinion matters to the company.

Gain Motivation Benefits

Monitoring and tweaking incentive programs designed to improve worker motivation allows a business to gain the benefits of a motivated workforce. A motivated workforce can increase productivity, lower absenteeism and reduce employee turnover, which can increase the profits for business owners. Keeping track of the motivation of the workforce can ensure the business reaps the rewards of an inspired group of workers.