7 Tips for Tradeshow Giveaways

If your industry holds trade shows, then you not only need to attend these events, but you also need to ensure that your booth is attention-getting and memorable. Having great promotional products at your table can attract customers to your booth, and when they look back at the item later, they will have a lasting memento that has your company name and contact info. Most promotional product stores have helpful customer service agents who can help suggest items to help your company stand out, but here are some tradeshow giveaway ideas you might want to consider before calling.

Make a Budget

Before you order anything, get an idea of how much you want to spend to promote your business beforehand. This will help you stay on track and ensure that your giveaways aren’t going to break the bank. In order to get an idea of how many items to buy, be sure to call the trade show’s organizers ahead of time to ask how many people will be attending. While you don’t want to be left with a stockpile of giveaway items, you also don’t want to run out within the first hour of the show.

Put Function Over Form

Just because something looks good doesn’t mean it will actually be used or remembered. Promotional products that have some kind of use will be kept much longer than key chains or other items that serve little purpose other than acting as a throw-away advertisement.

Select Items to Fit the Theme

Ideally, select something that matches the trade show’s theme and your company’s services. For example, if you own a catering company and are attending a bridal show, bags of Jordan almonds or other traditional wedding snacks would be a good match for both the show and your company.

Order Two Types of Items

Small, inexpensive items are a great way to attract people to visit your booth, but paying customers or high-value potential clients should be rewarded with something a little more impressive. The items don’t have to be big, just something nice enough to leave people with a positive impression of your brand.

Break Away from the Competition

If you have been to the show before and know that most people hand out tape measures and key chains, avoid these products. Instead, consider less-common gifts such as sunscreen and mini tool kits.

Consider Offering Games at Your Booth

Wheel-spinning games are always popular and attract attention and visitors. If you host a game at your booth, discount cards, free services and promotional items make easy, inexpensive prizes.

Send Out a Preshow Notice

Whether you use an email newsletter or an old-fashioned mailing list, let anyone who might attend the show know that your company will be there. Also, let them know that you will have free giveaways at your booth.