5 Ways to Use Promotional Products as Incentives

The Advertising Specialties Institute (ASI) has published their most recent asi study analyzing channel belief versus customer needs. With massive changes in recent years in communications technology and how brands go to market, using promotional products as incentives is still an effective way to motivate and influence behavior in end-users.

The following is a list of five ways promotional products can, and do, influence the way end-users behave:

1. 82% will take a survey to gain a promotional product.
2. 70.6% of end-users will go to a booth at a tradeshow
3. 41.8% will “LIKE” a company on Facebook or post a Tweet on Twitter
4. 33.2% will buy the “gift” with purchase
5. 27.7% will make a positive post about the company on a social networking site

These are some powerful facts and figures, and definitely serve to re-emphasize the value that promotional items have! By using these promotional product tactics, you will be able to build a sound argument for the usage of promotional products in a marketing context, along with a formidable list of information about your potential customers. Using the data you’ve collected from the above list, you can further tailor your marketing strategy and promotional products to better suit your ideal customer base.