3 Reasons Why an Online Company Store is an Essential Real Estate Marketing Tool

Both physical marketing collateral and digital marketing assets are vital components of a comprehensive and effective real estate marketing strategy. An online company store is a useful real estate marketing tool for the 21st century – a custom ecommerce platform that your real estate team can use to manage all of your personalized marketing materials – from real estate yard signs to logoed polo shirts for realtors to branded pens, calendars, and magnets for open houses. Real estate agencies can also use online company stores to ensure the brand consistency of their digital marketing collateral (including social media marketing materials) and variable data products like business cards and real estate flyers.

An online company store is a promotional products management portal that can help your real estate agency more easily manage all types of real estate marketing materials including:

  • outdoor signs and real estate banners
  • print-ready materials such as sales flyers, brochures, postcards, and business cards
  • digital marketing materials like logos, letterhead templates, and email banners
  • promotional items for open houses and direct mailing campaigns
  • closing gifts for buyers

Our top 3 reasons why an online company store is an essential real estate marketing tool for 2021 and beyond:

1.) An Online Company Store Streamlines Inventory Management

Real estate swag is a cost-effective advertising medium and the #1 most highly regarded form of advertising by consumers. An online company store makes it easier for your agents to order and distribute promotional products to clients and potential clients. In addition to real estate swag, agents and assistants can order custom signage, branded company apparel, closing gifts, personalized office supplies and more – all from the same online platform.

By outsourcing the storage and coordination of shipments, your staff no longer has to spend valuable time updating Excel spreadsheets and manually keeping track of inventory. Lower inventory and direct shipment from a single location helps reduce costs. In addition, access to rich data from a suite of reports will help your agents and administrative staff make more informed purchasing decisions.

2.) An Online Company Store Simplifies the Management of Marketing Assets

Your online platform can be set up to allow your agents to access all types of marketing materials including print-ready assets such as business cards, flyers, and other variable data products. Digital marketing materials such as logos, videos, and social media templates can also be added to your store. User access controls and permissions can be set to restrict access to specific assets based on login credentials. Since all site hosting and configuration is taken care of for you by your Metron Branding account manager, your agency does not need to allocate staff time for daily and weekly digital asset management tasks.

Utilizing an online store platform as the central distribution point for your agency’s important marketing materials makes it easier to control your brand assets, restrict user access, and ensure brand consistency.

3.) An Online Company Store Helps your Agency Plan More Effective Promotional Giveaways

A web-based platform makes it easier for your brokers, agents, assistants, and administrative staff to source and order the swag they need to plan the best promotions possible. By providing easy access to a wide range of real estate and construction themed branded merchandise and promotional products for realtors (including standard promotional items like branded notepads, pens, and refrigerator magnets as well as unique, on-trend swag), an online company store can help your realtors stand out in a crowd.

That’s exactly what Lamacchia Realty did when they launched their internal online company store in 2017. Read our Lamacchia Realty case study that details how we helped them utilize a BrandHub Online Company Store to empower their marketing and sales team to create more effective giveaways.

From promotional giveaways at community events and open houses to direct mailers, an online company store is the most streamlined way to arm your real estate sales professionals with the swag they need to close more deals in the competitive commercial and residential real estate markets.

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An online company store is a SaaS technology platform and essential real estate marketing tool that can help elevate real estate marketing and branding strategies in 2021 with simplified management of inventory and assets and distribution of branded merchandise. Contact us to learn more or fill out the form below to get started today.